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We support each other as well as our customers.

We want to do our best to support our partners and each other every day. This means we’re driven in our work – but we’re also dedicated to creating a workplace that is fun. A quality that’s even found a place in our values. 

At EV, everyone has value and is given the chance to contribute ideas. 

Our Approach

Positive impact in practice.

We value workplace balance, with people at the centre.

Our team prizes diversity, honesty and support. These traits play a large part in how we shape our personal development and our hiring process.

We continuously craft an environment where we can not only be open about personal wellbeing and mental health, but rely on one another for help when we need it.

Supporting charities.

Excellent marketing supports charities to make a greater impact. That’s why we offer pro-bono or at-cost services, ranging from campaign concepts to full rebrands, to a variety of exciting charities from differing spaces. Our team provides the fundamental marketing work each charity needs to drive change.

Accelerating all businesses.

It’s time to level the playing field for all innovators. To help us be advocates for businesses doing good things, we support as many under-represented entrepreneurs and technology companies as possible. We aim to work with these organisations at reduced cost, passing on our marketing knowledge to enable independent development and growth.

We’ve worked with many charities and young business over the years.

Sustainable impact.

We’re a Business for Good.

EV is a Business for Good in partnership with B1G1, through which we support causes aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We’re serious about creating positive change. And, by being a member of our incredible community, you too are making a difference – helping us collectively have an almighty impact for causes all over the world.

Our global impact.

Total Impacts

Our Stories

Making an impact

Our mission statement.

We’re on a mission to support evolving technology businesses to scale sustainably, through strategic marketing.

By championing a sustainable approach, we are accelerating the missions of market disruptors and revolutionising the way marketing drives growth. To us, this means prioritising sustainable growth, sustainable practices and positive impact in how we act and what we deliver.

Our clients harness technology to do great things for people and planet. For our own part, EV commit to giving 5% of our billable hours to pro-bono services and local charities, and support global causes aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals through our monthly charitable contributions to B1G1.

If you want to drive change, we’d love to hear from you.