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Helping good people doing great things.

Clearly, a marketing agency isn’t going to change the world. We aren’t a charity, we don’t make life-saving solutions, and we aren’t shaping global policy. But we’ve always been committed to doing good, in whatever small way we can.

That’s why we choose to work with companies doing the world-changing. Whether it’s making businesses work better, or solving global health and security challenges, our purpose is to accelerate others’ positive missions through sustainable marketing.


Driving change for a better future.

What is a B Corp?

B Global Network is a nonprofit network transforming the global economy towards positive impact, not profit. Since 2006, B Lab™ has been advocating for a different kind of economy by certifying B Corporations™: companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Basically, this movement has brought a collective of businesses together to try and function for good.

Getting B Corp Certified.

We are so proud to be part of the B Corp community. The 18 months it took to reach certification was long and surprisingly difficult. Nevertheless, the journey has been even more rewarding because of that.

What it means to us.

The big question is; why B Corp? There are many ways to be a good, sustainable company so why choose this path? Well, going back to our core purpose, we were inspired by others.

We saw the amazing things that other B Corp certified companies were doing and we believed we could hold ourselves to the same, or higher, standards. But it also had to mean something to us – so here’s a few of our own ‘whys’ from behind this journey.


Holding ourselves accountable.

We’ve always seen ourselves as a ‘good’ company. We’re not driven by profit, and we built our business on what we believe to be positive foundations. The natural next step was to formalise this commitment and hold ourselves accountable to our own perceptions.

Learning and continuously improving.

We knew this would be a challenge. Our hope was, yes, to feel proud of our strengths, but also to test ourselves. We have used this process to shine a light on our weaknesses and our opportunities to improve. Although we are extremely happy with our initial score, this will not be the finish line.

Being part of a collective power for good.

Through B Corp certification, we have the privilege of joining a community of people who share our values. It gives us a framework for ourselves and our clients to improve. We hope that as a collective, we can challenge, inspire and encourage others to examine the way they work as well.

“B Corp is a great milestone, but the best part of the experience has been seeing everyone dedicate themselves to something they are passionate about and collectively making EV a better company.”


“I feel proud to be working for a company that meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at EV which makes our company an inspiring place to drive change for a better future.”


“Our B Corp journey has been so rewarding - what started as a tick box exercise has become so much more. It’s pushed us to challenge ourselves and make formal commitments about the good we do but, more importantly, to always think about the positive impact we can make. We wanted to be a good company, and B Corp has made us a better company, but we know we can be even better!”


“We’ve always been a collective of people that want to make a positive change in this world. Getting B Corp certified not only validates that we’re actively doing good, but will ensure that we keep doing just as much good (if not more) as EV grows.”


"My favourite part of the EV B Corp journey is that they haven’t just wanted to create a more sustainable company within EV, but have encouraged other businesses that we work with or partner with to have better societal, environmental and sustainable policies.

Even down to ensuring the cleaners of the building we rent from are paid better, an incredible example of the positive change a group of people can make to ensure we don’t just say we do good but that we really do it - and influence others to act better too."


“I joined EV just as it became B Corp certified, and the team’s mindset around their journey made me so proud to become part of it. Since then, I’ve watched everyone commit to moving forwards and continue to make a positive impact, which is great to see.”


“Our B Corp status is an external symbol of our commitment internally to do better for people and planet, and to help others on our way. It continually challenges us to improve and bring integrity to everything we do.”


"Being part of a B-Corp company brings a special kind of meaning to my work. It's a gentle shift from simply doing a job to working towards a bigger purpose, one that feels truly fulfilling.

EV’s commitment to ethical practices and employee well-being creates a supportive and collaborative environment that’s filled with people who share similar values, which fosters a sense of community and purpose."


"For me, B Corp accreditation is a declaration of intent, a promise that our work will always strive to make a meaningful difference. It’s been great to connect with other like-minded businesses and become a part a community trying to better themselves and the world around them.”


A sustainable marketing agency’s approach.


The B Corp process has given us a new mindset.

There’s a lot we did to reach a passing mark, and there’s a lot we did just for us. For example, giving our staff a living wage and ensuring our co-working building did the same. Equally, we know there are plenty of things we can still do, and plan to do, to improve, such as focusing on our environmental impact.

Here are some of the many things that have made us proud throughout this experience.

  • EV-Website-B-Corp-Page-610x610
    • 91% employee satisfaction score
    • Wellness, health and ethical initiatives
    • Personal development frameworks
    • Diversity and equal opportunity
    • 10% year on year company growth


    Starting with ourselves.

    We wanted to say with confidence that we uphold our mission of driving positive change to make the world a better place. B Corp not only showed us where we were falling short, but it motivated us to rectify and push beyond these measures. We scrutinised our own practices and worked hard to raise our scores.

  • Ev-Case-Study-Asset-Extracellular-610-x-610-2
    • 8/10 client satisfaction
    • 75% net promoter score
    • New goal of 5% of work to be pro bono
    • Ethical marketing practices

    Sustainable marketing for our clients.

    Our clients do great things. From the clients working on medical marvels or tackling child sexual exploitation, to those making businesses faster and more compliant, there are so many achievements to be proud of. These people motivate us every day and, in return, we want to give them the results they deserve through sustainable marketing practices.

  • 4EI-Image-2
    • Living wage for our employees and our building’s employees
    • 1% of revenue goes to charity each month
    • 95% of the team commute by foot or public transport
    • Sustainable co-working office

    The bigger picture.

    We want to do positive work for the people and the planet around us. Of course, B Corp was something we wanted to take on for ourselves, but we wanted it to mean more than this. So, we looked around to see how our actions could influence and help others.

Plenty more to come!

We’ve already gone further than the remit set by B Labs, and we are excited to keep pushing forwards. Keep watching out for updates and please reach out if you have your own experiences to share! 

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