B2B marketing: Fundamentals of lead gen in B2B marketing 


Lead generation (lead gen) is critical to company growth. Nevertheless, it’s an intricate process to get right. Any chink in the chain – from the first contact with a prospect to the final sales pitch – can disrupt your prospect’s engagement and sabotage your success. The buyer journey is particularly complex in B2B marketing, so it’s important to manage it well.  

What is B2B lead generation? 

Lead generation is one of the earliest stages in your company-to-customer relationship. It’s the point at which you find and attract those prospective customers that can help your business continue to scale and grow.  

There are two main methods for generating leads: 

Inbound marketing, which relies on creating strategic, targeted content that speaks to your prospects’ needs – informed by actively and thoroughly researching your audience. It aims to initiate tangible and consensual engagement, such as downloads or newsletter subscriptions, to source opportunities to gain customer details and begin converting. Done successfully, it could deliver a warm lead straight to your customer relationship management (CRM) tool of choice. 

Outbound marketing, which aims to push company messaging out, often through costly and broad-stroke methods, such as television adverts. This inherently reaps fewer warm leads, and therefore less ROI, as it’s untargeted, unsolicited, and unmonitored.   

As our preferred B2B lead gen process, we’ll be focusing primarily on inbound marketing throughout this guide.  

You can also learn more about using inbound marketing to achieve global growth here. 

What are your lead gen objectives? 

“More leads, more sales” seems like a great objective, but you need more than a vague idea of the results you’re working towards. In fact, marketers with a documented strategy are 414% more likely to report success 

Want to know where to start? The SMART approach – standing for ‘specific’, ‘measurable’, ‘achievable’, ‘relevant’, and ‘timely’ – is an effective method used by marketers to set tangible goals. 

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