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B2B tech marketing: Outsourced, in-house, or a hybrid approach?


For CEOs of rapidly scaling organisations, ensuring the success of marketing strategies, or even kickstarting a marketing approach itself, can present a range of challenges that prevent progress. Considering your options for B2B tech marketing can help.

Gaining market perspective and visibility, beginning to execute strategies, accessing the resources or skillsets needed, and tracking overall progress are all issues that are difficult to overcome without the necessary support and capacity.  

But where to begin? With SMEs accounting for 99% of UK businesses, many organisations are simply unable to invest in a full capacity in-house marketing team, unsure where to start or how to execute, leaving strategies unoptimised and Heads of Marketing working beyond capacity.  

For these organisations, as well as those already well-established with in-house marketing departments, an outsourced marketing agency can deliver rapidly executed and cost-effective tools that encourage growth and perspective, and much more.  

The right solution for scaling technology companies should provide a clear pathway in line with the company’s growth. As the company gains clarity on its strategic focus and solution application, the support should be flexible enough to evolve from a primarily outsourced marketing department to a hybrid model, before becoming a strategic in-house powerhouse. 

Evolving marketing departments; the right solution at the right time 

Outsourced marketing agencies are a perfect cost-effective solution for businesses unable to invest in a full end-to-end marketing department, as well as buffering larger businesses with well-established marketing teams – alleviating the pressures that come with scaling marketing strategies as the business grows.  

From offering accessible foundations needed for quick ROI with SMEs to providing expert support and capacity for larger businesses, outsourced approaches can easily evolve alongside businesses to provide flexibility and support when necessary – making them a practical approach and component within any marketing strategy. 

For these larger businesses, a hybrid approach is a great option. A quality outsourced agency can integrate with and augment your internal capabilities whatever the size, engraining themselves with internal teams. Ideally, they’ll fill important skill gaps, or provide a fresh perspective, rather than stepping on your team’s toes. 

With the flexibility and scalability offered by choosing to outsource marketing, agencies are the perfect fit for any business wanting to expand their reach, perspective, and audience – offering five distinct benefits: 

  1. Access to multidisciplinary capacity and experience 
  2. Better agility for growth  
  3. Accelerated time to value  
  4. Access to strategic perspective 
  5. A future-proofed approach to scaling 

Benefit #1 – Access to multidisciplinary capacity and experience 

Traditionally, when businesses begin to invest in their marketing, their gut reaction is to hire a Marketing Manager with expectations that they will not only create strategy but also deliver on all the specialist roles required from a marketing department – including content creation, design, campaign management, social media posting, and much more.  

However, the demand and effort of a single team member managing and coordinating all of these marketing activities is simply unrealistic. 

By combining an internal marketing lead role with an outsourced agency, not only is capacity and stress massively reduced, but businesses can gain access to a suite of tools, experience, and an independent perspective.  

Now, alongside that single marketing lead, the businesses gain content writers, social media executives, SEO tools, campaign managers, designers, web developers, and more – all with their own tools and years of experience in strategic marketing and infrastructure development, with a focus on accountability and ROI. Most importantly, it gives the CEOs the strategy, plan and visibility of results they crave. 

Hiring an outsourced marketing agency can provide organisations with a wider breadth of skills, knowledge, experience, and specialities.  

And it’s not just experience and tools that businesses can get access to, but also capacity. With a diverse team able to take on a greater set of tasks, outsourced agencies can remove the pressure on in-house teams. 

Benefit #2 – Better agility for growth 

Another key benefit is the avenues available for growth.  

Hiring any individual, such as a CMO, takes time. There will be months of advertising, interviewing, and training – ultimately delaying your agility to grasp at marketing opportunities. With in-house processes demanding time and resources, success depends on agility, alignment, and perspective. 

In comparison, an outsourced agency can provide the experience and viewpoints of working with many other CEOs in the same position.  

With a focus on executing your strategy and expanding potential projects, outsourced agencies can increase your capacity and resources on-demand. 

By working with agencies with proven experience and track record, this dramatically reduces the window for execution and therefore growth. A senior hire may cause a lag of potentially three to six months, while outsourced agencies can be up and running within days – reducing the timescales needed for growth dramatically.   

Benefit #3 – Accelerated time to value 

While an in-house approach will need considerable time for onboarding and execution, as well as more investment and research before action is taken – an outsourced agency is well equipped to deliver value almost immediately.  

This allows businesses to get the most return on investment possible – with agreed deliverables, strategic planning, and detailed research being conducted at speed – allowing organisations to hit the ground running. 

Benefit #4 – Access to strategic perspective  

Working with many different organisations, executing strategies, and collaborating with many different sectors gives outsourced agencies a wide perspective to tackle any unexpected challenges, risks, and issues that arise.  

From scaling in specific sectors, to sourcing unique opportunities, such as guest blogs with other partners, the wide perspective can allow businesses to grow quickly and in relevant fields. 

Benefit #5 – Future-proofed scaling  

Conventionally, the core offering of an agency will be to provide lead generation and conversion, enabling business growth. This means their aim is also to give you the infrastructure and tools you need to develop in the long-term – potentially shifting into becoming a hybrid talent pool alongside internal teams. 

From familiarising organisations with the importance of analytics to introducing CMS, CRM, and SEO tools, outsourced marketing agencies can equip businesses with the ability to scale. Because these are lasting implementations, you’re also more likely to grow naturally and sustainably, even after your agency contract ends. 

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