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Content hacks for communicating your company mission


Author – Elliot Dawes, Content and SEO Executive

From rewilding the planet to stopping cybercrime, reducing pollution to increasing sustainability, the tech landscape is full of positive missions and exciting goals.

However, getting this goal across, and getting others invested, requires careful balance, as we’ve discussed in our marketing for tech for good guide.

Stray too far on one side, and your mission may seem too promotional. Stray too far the other, and you risk losing growth and audience.

Finding the perfect balance in your marketing expands into all elements of strategy, including tone of voice, images used, and style. Communicating your vision, mission, your values, and your goals effectively through content can help you engage with a wider audience and build an authentic brand that inspires people.  So, how do you do this without undermining your brand image and purpose, while igniting your audience to rally behind your cause? That’s the tricky bit. Luckily, there are a whole range of content hacks, tips, and tricks at your disposal. Keep them in mind, and your content (and readers) will thank you greatly.

In a nutshell, here are our top content tricks:  

  • Correctly framing your mission is key 
  • Steer away from crisis messaging 
  • As well as your mission, talk about solutions  
  • Think again before going “myth-busting” 

Correctly framing your mission is key 

How you framing your argument changes how people think, feel and act. Frame your argument correctly, and you can expect likeminded individuals and organisations to stand behind your mission, allowing it to grow and succeed in the process.  

In the instance of climate change, for example, framing your argument may change your messaging to project hope, alleviate concern, or rally an audience behind a positive cause, you only have to look at the recoverable earth movement to see this in action. 

Because of this potential impact, you should always be mindful of your framing when showcasing or discussing your tech for good mission. 

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Steer away from crisis messaging 

If everything is a crisis, then nothing is.  

That’s why it’s important to be measured about how much messaging you release of this nature. In the past, a number of subjects from housing to coffee have been written about as a crisis. For an audience constantly reading about the latest catastrophe, your compelling content may fail to stand out from the rest.  

Crisis messaging can also conflict heavily with the positive intentions of your business. Widely reliant on negative tactics like fearmongering, any organisation that employs crisis messaging must be careful in how they navigate it, or it may seriously damage brand image. 

Instead of talking about your mission in the context of a crisis to induce panic and fear, demonstrate exactly what urgent action is needed. Use positive calls to action – not negative speculation. This shifts the discussion away from whether or not your mission is as important as the next crisis, to how you can help solve it.  

Even without overt labelling, this approach will demonstrate the importance of your cause. Even better, it provides a clear next step for your audience to engage with. 

Talk about the solutions 

If your mission is centred around a highly time-sensitive or severe issue, your audience may think that it is unstoppable. Prove them otherwise.

To do this, talk about the current impact being made in your field. What’s more, to showcase why it’s important to keep making progress, try to talk about specific solutions within your content, and do this often. Showing why your audience should continue to care, and what they can do to help, will serve several purposes:  

  • Raises awareness of your chosen issue and educate the public on how they can help  
  • Paints your business as a trailblazer and expert in the field 
  • Keeps your audience invested in your mission and your business 
  • Shows the issue can be overcome with enough support 

Be careful when myth-busting 

When communicating their companies mission, some businesses might be tempted to go down the route of creating a myth-busting series or structure for their content. Hoping to raise awareness, these campaigns can often have the opposite effect.  

Myth-busting can even be harmful to your cause. A recent report into the effects of myth-busting found: 

  • Readers misremembered the myths as true 
  • These myths were bolstered and continued to be perpetuated over time  
  • Many readers ended up attributing false information to those trying to dispel them 

So, what can you do instead? How do you dispel false rumours surrounding recycling, global warming, or the latest conspiracy?  

Instead of reminding your readers of the very myths you’re trying to make them forget, reinforce your messages and mission statements.  

Instead of: 

Myth: The automatic scanning of user devices to prevent CSAM images from being accessed breaches user privacy. 

Reinforce the truth at the heart of your message: 

Automatic CSAM scanning features automated processes designed to safeguard victims.  

By removing the aspect of your message that you want your audience to forget, your overall message is much stronger, assertive, and confident.  

Committed to accelerated growth 

At EV, we’re passionate about driving positive change and accelerating the growth of international tech for good organisations – allowing for businesses to accelerate missions such as environmental recovery and countering modern slavery.  

Our specialised approach aims to ensure that not only is the growth of a business accelerated and optimised, but that they are given clear direction, messaging, and strategy for long-term development in mind.  

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