Estrella Ventures partners with Science Creates


At EV we’re on a mission to support deep-tech start-ups and scale-ups by providing access to strategic and agile marketing solutions.

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Bristol-based Science Creates, a deep-tech ecosystem that aims to champion many flourishing science-led start-ups and scale-ups with a mission to tackle global challenges and drive positive change.

Science Creates was founded in Bristol in 2017. This was out of a recognised need to bring change to a vibrant city full of opportunities for tech start-ups, but that lacked critical infrastructure for deep-tech and life science groups. Noticing the need to encourage the success of budding enterprises, Science Creates helps emerging organisations navigate fundamental business challenges as they bring their science led innovations to life.

By providing a suite of specialist lab facilities, a network of strategic partners as well as a dedicated venture capital fund, the Science Creates team hope to support start-ups and scale-ups in a range of fields such as advanced materials, diagnostics, therapeutics, medicine, agritech, manufacturing, and much more.

Striving to realise a collaborative specialist network

“We can collectively support the region’s deep-tech ecosystem. We bring a wide range of skillsets and expertise together to confidently showcase the incredible work that our member companies do, and allow them to continue furthering their mission.” – Dr Ashley Brewer, CEO of Science Creates Incubators

By combining our specialist marketing services with Science Creates’ dedicated venture capital fund and suite of facilities, we are looking to further support science-driven start-ups across a diverse array of missions.

“These emerging enterprises can’t effectively scale in a siloed manner,” says Ashley. “By tapping into a variety of skillsets, they can overcome every challenge that early stage companies may have. With a network of specialised partnerships in place, we want to build a support mechanism that facilitates true growth and helps overcome sector-specific challenges at every stage of the journey.”

At EV, we are looking to enable member companies to showcase their value proposition and mission authentically and effectively, whilst allowing them to focus on their core activities. With our diverse skillsets and expertise, we can help with everything from developing clear messaging and branding as well as fundraising strategies, building pitch decks, market entry strategies and execution thereof. As Ashley goes on to say:

“The partnership between EV and Science Creates is something that can support Bristol’s deep-tech ecosystems. With access to EV’s wide range of unique commercial expertise and skillsets, I look forward to seeing our member companies continue to flourish and grow.”

Looking to the future of our partnership

Tanya Estrella, CEO of EV states: “We are really excited to be partnering with Science Creates and their members – they are a fantastic beacon for science-led innovation that is ever growing in the south west. As members’ innovations mature and come to market, their impact will be felt across the country, and globally.”

Thanks to Science Creates, the deep-tech ecosystem in Bristol is thriving. As we look to the future of our partnership, we’re excited to see how it prospers to bring a wider support network for innovative enterprises. We fully acknowledge that each start-up and scale-up is different, complete with its own set of challenges, and requirements.

We look forward to supporting these market innovators throughout their journey, and building our collaborative partnership with Science Creates.