Exploring the key components of a digital content strategy


Author – Elliot Dawes, Content and SEO Executive

Have you considered whether your business’s content strategy is achieving its full potential?  

Your content, for marketing purposes at least, must be directed by a clear focus, guided by strategy and executed thoughtfully. A digital content strategy is essential if you want your marketing efforts to reap measurable results.   

In this article, we’ll be outlining what is a digital content strategy, why is digital content creation necessary and some tips to creating effective content to enhance your content plan.   

What is a content strategy?    

A content strategy is a means to facilitate and accomplish your business goals. A content strategy is used within the field of content marketing, and works to attract and satisfy an organisation’s audiences.    

This kind of content plan enables businesses to effectively reach audiences through carefully created content. A content strategy will consist of a variety of types of content, providing a solid foundation for any digital marketing strategy and substantiating the credibility of your business.    

A piece of content is a means by which your business can communicate its message.  

Through blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, social media content and emails – to name a few – audiences can gain an understanding of who you are and what you have to offer to the marketplace.   

Why is digital content creation necessary?  

High-quality content is the backbone of any successful business. Creating digital content will enable you to reach a targeted audience and boost lead generation. A digital content strategy will also help with:  

Reaching ROI   

 Using great content marketing techniques, you can increase profit for your business.   

Effectively portraying your brand   

Determining the content you are sharing with audiences allows your organisation to own its narrative.   

Bringing value   

After gaining a deep understanding of your buyer persona you can use a digital content strategy to bring value to their lives.   

Generating traffic   

Implementing an effective content strategy plan will give you a better chance of driving traffic to your services or products.  

In today’s competitive digital marketplace, businesses need a digital content strategy to survive. As a result, your content can support your efforts to outshine the competition and accelerate business growth.  

What do you need to include in a content strategy?

Being strategic within your content creation means continuously touching base with your overarching goals and making sure each piece of content is executed with purpose.  

The below will edge you towards digital content strategy best practice and should encourage sustainable techniques to continuously execute your content. 

Clearly define your target audience   

Conduct research to deeply understand your audience and what kind of content they engage with. Scoping beyond just the demographic, you will want to know the intricate details about your target audience, from spending habits, to their daily conversations and problems.   

Examine your competition  

Analyse the content of your competitors frequently. Take note of what they’re doing, but also take some time to consider what they aren’t.   

Implement SEO    

No content strategy can thrive without effective SEO. Creating a content strategy for SEO entails in-depth keyword research, aligning all content and generally understanding the core concepts of the practice.    

Measurable goals   

Without predetermined goals in place, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely (SMART), your content may fail to get your business the results you desire.   

Create a content calendar   

A carefully planned content calendar will enable you to calibrate with your SMART goals and disseminate content regularly and appropriately.   

How to create effective content

Establishing and sustaining an effective content strategy plan is an effort that will drive your business towards success. Combining an effective strategy with compelling content will give you a good chance of reeling audiences in and engaging new leads.  

To execute high quality written content, your content writers should follow some of the below:  

  • Always maintain a thirst for knowledge: The more knowledge and information you consume – especially around the topics you frequently write about – the more it will show in your writing.  
  • Be mindful of each word: When content marketing, every word is valuable. There are some words, such as active, action words, that are more likely to reel readers in as opposed to weak, passive words, for example.  
  • Know SEO: We’ve said it once, but you need to really know SEO to create content for SEO. In the ‘Google it’ era, search engines are the all-important medium between you and your user.   
  • Keep the balance between creative and knowledgeable: If you can make your writing sound interesting, whilst maintaining intelligence-lead credibility, then the rest should follow. Readers want to be continuously captivated and are reassured when you know what you’re talking about. 

Brainstorming content ideas is an effective way to allow creativity to flow. Setting some time to instil this kind of content creation technique will enable teams to generate considerate, effective content that meets strategic objectives. 

Assembling your digital content strategy for success 

To begin your journey towards your top-performing content strategy, an initial content audit is a good place to start. Once you have observed any pitfalls within your current content plan, you can follow the above steps to establish an editorial calendar that will reap results.  

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