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The CEO Letters – Brent Hoberman


Are you an entrepreneur in the making? Or a businessperson with an unshakeable vision? 

Soak up the knowledge, and heed the warnings, of serial entrepreneurs like Brent.  

3 lessons learned by the founder of 

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Brent Hoberman is a serial businessman and investor with an impressive success rate. He set up during the dot-com boom, with co-founder Martha Lane Fox, and has since sold this for $1.1bn. His following ventures include and Founders Factory.  

Despite the success you see on paper, looking back, Brent discloses that he may have been too ambitious in the early days. That he needed to gain experience, build credibility and put in a lot of hard work in order to get where he is today. 

In the first instalment of our series, The CEO Letters, Brent reveals his insights and advice from a career in business. 

Here’s a sneak peek: 

  1. When you’re being unreasonable, you’re actually at your best 
  2. You need to give your team purpose to bring them on the journey 
  3. Obsess over the right hires and delegate every chance you get 

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