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The CEO Letters – Hazel Moore


3 lessons in embracing opportunity from a venture capital co-founder 

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Hazel Moore is chair and co-founder of venture capital firm FirstCapital. She has a long list of achievements under her belt, including holding an NED position, being named one of the most influential women in mid-market M&A, and receiving an OBE for her contribution to entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Her journey to get to this point was not exactly planned, but instead Hazel was open to every opportunity that presented itself and made sure she followed her passions along the way. Her advice to the next generation can be epitomised by this sentiment: embrace the excitement of a challenge. 

In the second release of our series, The CEO Letters, Hazel shares the inspiration behind her journey and more. 

Here’s a sneak peek: 

  1. You’re going to make loads of mistakes, but don’t regret them 
  2. Judge your success by the people you help, not your own achievements 
  3. There’s always something to be thankful for – even when things are tough 

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