Guest Series

The CEO Letters – Johnny Palmer


3 lessons from an entrepreneur hell-bent on disruption

Johnny Palmer has had a diverse career, having founded businesses in investment, media, sustainable energy, nature conservation and more. He’s passionate about seeking out disruptive opportunities, fresh-thinking people and new experiences while making the world a more sustainable place. 

Johnny’s journey has taken him from a farm in Australia to the business world of the UK. It wasn’t easy to make it as an immigrant, but his ability to think differently has always helped him succeed. 

In the third letter in our series, Johnny shares his struggles and his motivations to keep moving.  

Here’s a sneak peek: 

  1. You’ll hear ‘no’ a lot, but you’re also in control 
  2. Find motivation; channel fear into productivity 
  3. Don’t listen to people who tell you what not to do

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