How disruptive marketing campaigns accelerate your brand


The world of marketing is more competitive and complex than ever before.

From navigating Google’s latest algorithm changes to chase that pesky first position, to researching the latest social media trends, the nature of marketing campaigns poses a challenge to businesses trying to cut through the noise.

So how do you continue appealing to audiences, and how can you gain an advantage over your competitors? One great way to showcase your business as valuable, market-leading innovators, is through the strategic use of disruptive marketing campaigns.

Disruptive marketing campaigns are a sustainable and viable option to drive genuine, lasting value. Able to significantly boost brand image, visibility, and SEO ranking, they allow you to access viable leads while adding additional value and expertise to your marketing. Within the B2B technology industry, disruptive marketing campaigns can add value and expertise to your marketing. They answer audience questions and attract readers in exciting and engaging ways, keeping their attention long after they’ve made contact. More importantly, they cut through the status quo.

Three powerful yet cost-effective and sustainable disruptive marketing campaigns available to almost any business are:

  1. High-level webinars
  2. Digital roundtables
  3. Guest blogging series

High-level webinars 

We really are in the age of the webinar, and for great reasons.

Webinars can be a great platform to promote reach, visibility, and valuable content. They’re a great opportunity to showcase your extensive knowledge in a particular field while positioning you as market leaders, and the recording can be repurposed time and time again. You can upload sections as short social videos, or upload the entire webinar as gated content on your site to secure further audience data.

With some webinars boasting registration numbers in the hundreds, they’re also a killer way to get leads.

However, to reach this audience and secure that conversion, there are a few challenges to tackle first.

As more and more businesses realise the full potential of webinars, your audience may become fatigued by a bombardment of sales-focused webinar invites. Without a distinct focus or any perceivable value, the hopes of you securing registrations are slim. The more specific and informative, the greater the chances of receiving those registrations, and the potential conversions that will follow.

Digital roundtables 

Digital roundtables promote many of the same benefits of webinars. They’re a great source of new leads, they’re valuable in positioning your brand as thought leaders, and can be easily recorded and repurposed as effective collateral long after the event has been hosted.

Roundtables also provide their own unique advantages, as well as their own unique challenges and risks – stemming from the fact that they include various leading experts from an array of backgrounds, each with innovative and exciting insights to share.

For your audience, this is extremely valuable. For the same time investment as that of a webinar, they get access to more industry experience and insights to learn from.

However, without a plan for these roundtables, they can unravel into a less-effective event. For your audience, this makes you appear uncoordinated and messy. It also limits the usability of recordings when repurposing content later on.

Including a mediator is one great way to navigate this unique challenge. Involve them alongside your participants when planning what the roundtable will cover and the flow of questions and conversation. This will ensure a tight, ever-valuable and well-orchestrated experience for all involved, providing you and your audience with the maximum value possible.

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Guest blogging series 

A guest blogging series is an example of disruptive marketing which doesn’t rely on registrations and lead generation. Instead, it provides its own set of advantages. A guest series involves reaching out to other like-minded sites and arranging one, or multiple, blogs to be hosted. They’re a great chance to boost your visibility and reach a completely new readership, and it’s also one of the best things you can do for your site’s SEO.

Ensure that your guest blog contains a ‘follow’ backlink to your site. This passes on SEO properties by communicating with Google that you’re affiliated with a site that’s already trustworthy and high-quality. It’s the kind of thing Google likes, a with it being aware that your site is high-quality and what users are looking for, it won’t be long until you’re lifted through the rankings. The more sites you do this for, the greater the SEO benefits, meaning more visibility, ranking, and authority for your site – all while gaining a reputation as brand experts.

Sounds good right? While coordinating a guest series can provide these benefits and more, it can often be time-consuming with no certainty of success to pursue this avenue. Sourcing the right sites to be featured on, reaching out to the site’s owners, creating content that they approve, and waiting for it to go live, all demands significant time and effort.

As a result, as valuable as guest blogging is, it should always be considered in addition to ongoing content marketing activity – ensuring that you’re not damaging our current keyword positioning by devoting long periods to opportunities that may not end up happening.

Disruptive branding and design

“Choosing to be a disrupter can increase brand impact and recognition by standing out in a crowded market. If harnessed correctly, distinctiveness of design can create a competitive advantage by establishing a unique position in the market, making it harder for others to replicate.”

Dan HendersonDan Henderson, Head of Design

Begin your disruptive marketing journey today  

Disruptive marketing campaigns are a great way to elevate your current marketing strategy while expanding reach and discovering previously unnoticed opportunities through collaboration and partnerships. By incorporating them alongside an existing marketing strategy, businesses of any size can accelerate their growth while generating a reputation as industry experts at the same time.

To learn more about how disruptive marketing can make a difference to your business, and to begin your journey towards enhanced marketing campaigns, get in touch for a free consultation today.