Striking a perfect balance: How to manage data risk expertly


Originally posted for Iken

When it comes to managing security, balance and flexibility are key. It’s a tricky challenge to ensure information risk is mitigated without putting unnecessary roadblocks in the way of your team, restricting access, and creating frustrating and rigid mechanisms that stand in the way of teamwork.

In the public sector, security is complex. Some teams will have knowledge of a case, project or situation that it’s imperative others remain unaware of. Even within teams, it’s standard that there are varying levels of security clearance on a particular case or project. In these instances, any information risk management solution must be sufficiently complex and flexible to facilitate collaborative access that is tailored exactly to meet these requirements.

Iken offers all this functionality. Our complex security model allows users to restrict access to files individually or by work-group. You can even ensure that one department has no access to a file or matter, except for a single person within that team. Access can be set at a read-only level, or simply at a metadata level. No-access settings that can be tailored to individuals and teams mean you can ensure a file is only visible to the people who need to see it. This can be set to apply to all emails and documents related to a particular matter.

Our experience at Iken, working with a range of teams across the private and public sector has given us an extensive on-the-ground understanding of what it takes to strike this balance expertly. From road closure management for the royal wedding to sensitive child-safeguarding cases, complex police investigations and data migration following the relocation of server-farms for government departments, the scope and complexity of our clients’ needs, and our success in meeting these has helped us to refine our solution.

Whatever the details of the unique security and access challenge facing your organisation, we’d like to talk to you about how Iken can help you facilitate collaborative working, matched with and robust security safeguards you can trust.