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HubSpot: How to effectively measure ROI


Author – Muyambo Kasweshi, Senior Account Manager

“Effectively measuring ROI isn’t just a metric; it’s almost the compass guiding businesses to success. In the digital world where strategies evolve, our ability to measure ROI becomes the North Star – lighting the way to growth and ensuring all marketing efforts translate into tangible, meaningful outcomes.”

Something we hear a lot…“I would like HubSpot to demonstrate clear ROI from my marketing efforts to ensure I am getting the most out of my investment.”

Proving ROI for ANY marketing department would put an end to the age–old debate of sales versus marketing.

A head of marketing will usually get asked by their CEO or Board to prove what value they are adding to the business, and nine times out of ten they are talking about sales. For most, it’s the same story of scrambling around for a last-minute report that just doesn’t quite cut it. For HubSpot users, it’s a different story.

Disparate tools make for disparate results.

Imagine a world where all of your marketing AND sales efforts spoke to each other. Start to finish. From a website visitor to a closed and won deal. Then how easy would it be to prove ROI? With HubSpot set up correctly, you are able to calculate what percentage of sales you have contributed towards at any given time. And to go even further, with HubSpot reporting set up in a way which suits your business, you will be able to track the performance of your digital marketing tactics against the sales that are actually being made.

Metrics, metrics everywhere.

Getting your reporting right is crucial for effectively measuring ROI. With so many metrics available to report on, it’s important to understand and measure the metrics that actually mean something to your business. Wave goodbye to scrolling endlessly through a needless report of ‘vanity’ metrics to impress the senior management team and say hello to reporting on actual contacts in your database.

How many sales have you won as a result of lead nurturing, re-marketing emails and automation? How are your ads performing against actual deals The point is – only use a metric that means something. HubSpot is a big tool.

There’s lots that you can do and HubSpot themselves recommend that you go with a certified partner to get the technical set up done and your whole team trained and onboarded.

Handoff not standoff.

Believe it or not, your sales team are on your side. Aligning sales and marketing is a great way to demonstrate and effectively measure ROI. Work as a team to understand and define what your lifecycle stages are within the sales process and aim to provide your sales team with only the sales qualified leads. With HubSpot reporting and lead tracking you can monitor their progress. Everyone is happy and you can demonstrate the value you are adding.

We can help.

True marketing ROI is a tough goal to reach, but it’s not that complicated when you have an aligned approach and are consistently tracking and reporting on what matters. Our job as a Gold HubSpot partner is to ensure you are getting as much as you possibly can out of HubSpot.