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Introducing EVOLVE: The technology marketing methodology


EVOLVE is founded on creating a structured and considered approach to your marketing strategy and subsequent delivery thereof, this is key to any business looking for maximum success in its marketing investment.

Within our team have been working with high growth, disruptive technology businesses spanning four decades and we have proven the value of structure and repeatability in what we do in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for all involved and enable real creativity.

At Estrella Ventures with our depth of experience in rolling out highly successful marketing programmes for high growth tech businesses, delivering impactful campaigns across a range of technology markets and built many brands – being it purely for revenue and sales growth but also with large strategic investments or exit in mind. There have of course been a few bumps along the way – and we have learnt, sometimes the hard way, when things have not gone quite to plan.

Therefore, we have been able to blend together this experience, alongside a range of academic research as well as the hands-on experienced delivery marketing and sales best practice literature – of which there are mountains of works – and built this into the EVOLVE technology marketing methodology.

The EVOLVE model is designed as an end to end best practise delivery method for technology marketing at scale; from our initial engagement with our customers to perform our as-is assessment of your business; the building of the brand platform from which we can then build the design and creative cornerstones;  the build-up of the operational infrastructure to deliver campaigns; the subsequent marketing plan execution with integrated evaluation cycles – so that we can constantly check in on how any campaign is going, take on board what worked well, what wasn’t so good and then iterate our learnings into our next cycle of work.

The EVOLVE model doesn’t stand still either – we are constantly looking at how we can improve the way we work, how we can deliver more and therefore ensure that our customers are getting maximum value and outcomes for their marketing investment.