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Mentor your marketeers, accelerate your growth 


Invest in your people to create loyal brand ambassadors that feel empowered, supported and valued.

Mentoring and upskilling your team is a quick and cost-effective way to drive company growth. It builds consistent momentum and creates a culture of continuous improvement. It’s a crucial resource for empowering internal teams, and complete organisations, to thrive.  

We all know that it’s important to continue growing your organisation, allowing you to reach more clients, drive your mission, and discover new business opportunities.  

To do this, organisations need to have internal teams that can handle the extra demands and pressures of the company.  

This doesn’t just mean bringing on new members to handle the extra workload. With this approach, your organisational growth is defined, and limited, by the growth of the team. 

Rather it’s essential to encourage the development of existing staff. If your existing employees are empowered with the confidence to make demanding decisions and use valuable, high-level tools, your business can scale much more flexibly.  

The solution: Mentoring.  

Why mentor your tech marketing team?  

“Every client has different needs meaning that there are many marketing avenues that can be taken. Cross-skilling internal teams means companies can be much more adaptable and agile with more hands on deck to meet objectives. Lunch and learns are a great way to spark interest and innovation in different business areas.”

Lucy Fear, Head of Account Management

The tech marketing landscape is always evolving. New innovations are introduced all the time. In this vein, your marketing teams must also be up to date with what strategies work today and capable of tackling rising challenges. This is the only way they’ll be able to effectively help you grow long-term.  

By introducing a flexible mentor, marketing hires can continue developing. You won’t need to continually hire new starts. Instead, you’re maintaining consistent momentum with a more cost-effective and trusted team infrastructure.  

So, to whom do you assign the role of wise mentor? 

While an internal CMO will be able to mentor more junior roles, they’ll likely be absorbed with ongoing projects. They may also pass down biased approaches, which creates a bit of an echo chamber. 

An outsourced CMO is a safer bet. They’ll have the time to dedicate, a more objective perspective, and are a more cost-effective option than expanding the team.  

What can you achieve with a quality mentor?  

Mentoring your internal marketing team can;  

  • Safely guide your team away from common marketing pitfalls 
  • Equip them with an ecosystem of knowledge 
  • Give them access to expert advice and a fresh perspective  
  • Provide an environment that encourages self-acceleration and self-development 

Some common marketing pitfalls include: 

Investing in inefficiency 

The world of marketing is filled with new tools, software, and other avenues promising paid success.  

Understanding which tools are necessary or useful is vital. But this is also an ability that team members may not have if they don’t have experience handling larger budgets. An impartial mentor can act as a sounding board – ensuring that budgets are assigned effectively. 

Instilling personal bias 

Being guided by other team members that have their own agenda within a company isn’t necessarily a danger, but can reinforce bad habits that may later prevent growth.  

A trusted mentor can help build a more proactive stance. They’ll be less prone to reacting to ad hoc needs – either of individuals or the company – and will make more informed, level-headed decisions. This will help keep your marketing activity focused on your actual objectives. 

And it doesn’t stop at an individual level.  

Empowering your marketing team members gives you much more than access to a greater pool of skills. It also ensures that people are equipped with a critical strategic perspective and an ability to execute more complex projects. 

All of this allows you to spearhead greater overall company growth. 

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