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Myth busting: 5 key truths about branding and design


Branding and design can often be underappreciated, oversimplified, or misunderstood – and this can have a tangible effect on the success of any business. 

We’ve all heard things like, “just grab a logo off of Fiverr!”, or “we have no budget for design – is it even worth it?”  

While it can be frustrating to hear, it’s easy to understand where ideas like this come from and why they’re so prevalent.  

After all, graphic design is something that we can all have a go at. We all grew up with Paint on our computers, and with the development of generative AI software, how hard can it really be? And how much does it matter anyway? 

In this article, I’m going to debunk some of the most common misconceptions around graphic design and branding. Let’s look at how essential these skills really are for enhancing brand recognition, customer trust, and overall business success. 

Dan Henderson

Author – Dan Henderson, Head of Design

A brand is more than just a logo. 

A well-considered logo is an important component of any brand, but ‘well-considered’ is the operative phrase here. A logo that doesn’t consider your company objectives, target demographic, standing in your industry, and existing relationship with your consumers could misrepresent your entire brand.  

At EV, we define a brand as such: a brand is comprised of many parts, including design, content, strategy, website, and in-person interactions with your customer base. Effectively, your brand is present whenever a potential customer interacts with your business, so it’s essential that it represents you authentically. 

In fact, authenticity is essential in developing trust between you and your consumers. One of the most common ways a company can appear inauthentic is through ill-considered branding. If you look, sound, or act differently online to the services or products that you offer, the trust can be broken. It can then be a lot harder to maintain positive long-term relationships. 

Graphic design impacts business success. 

Graphic design can have a huge impact on business success, but the misconception that it doesn’t is prevalent within science and technology fields.  

This is, of course, totally understandable. When you’ve spent years agonising over the technicalities of your product or service, it can be challenging to figure out which details will be the most compelling to potential customers. Building an authentic brand can help you to communicate the benefits of your offering, shape how you’re perceived, and hopefully increase your conversion rates.  

For our advice on how to build a science or technology brand that scales, check out our blog post here. 

It’s not just about how you look. 

Despite what some people believe, a brand is not solely about how you look. It’s more holistic than that. Your brand should encompass your company’s values, personality, promises, experiences and more.  

Whilst design elements such as logos, colour schemes, and typography are important, branding and design serve a much broader purpose. They’re part of effectively communicating your messaging, conveying your brand personality, engaging your audience, and building trust. Without a considered approach, it’s possible to end up in a situation where these elements are misaligned.  

It’s all well and good that your brand looks great, but if it lacks alignment with your values or personality, is it really helping you to achieve your company objectives? Or is it creating a disjointed story that could have a negative impact? 

AI is great – but branding needs a human touch. 

Despite the growing misconception that AI technologies can do it for you, businesses should still consider working with trained professionals to develop an authentic brand.  

While AI can offer valuable insights and assistance in many aspects of brand development, there are several reasons why it cannot replace humans entirely. Artificial intelligence relies on what already exists; and a great brand requires creativity and a depth of emotional understanding beyond its capabilities. Truly creative AI may never even develop, a topic that is excellently explored in Bernard Marr’s article for Forbes, ‘The Intersection Of AI And Human Creativity: Can Machines Really Be Creative?‘ 

AI lacks the nuance to see beyond the information you provide it with. This could leave you with a shallow brand that lacks the depth to stand out in your sector. On the other hand, it’s the role of a graphic designer to go beyond the surface level of your requirements, applying their own expertise and experience to navigate the complexities of your company needs. 

It’s worth investing in your brand. 

Investing in considered graphic design can significantly impact a business’s success by enhancing its visibility, credibility and customer trust. It’s not an area where you can cut corners without it having an impact, even if that’s a misconception we hear often.  

I like to think that graphic design can be viewed as the vessel for delivering your brand’s promise, and for getting your product or service in front of your target audience or investors in a digestible way. You can have the best product or service in the world, but can you effectively communicate why or get other people as excited about it as you are? In this sense, failing to invest properly in a brand that is authentic and fit for purpose can have a make-or-break impact on your business’s success. 

Some also believe that once a design has been created, the work is done. In reality, effective design is an ongoing process. Brands must be able to evolve with time, adapting to the current needs of the business to help achieve its objectives – all of which requires continuous attention and investment.  

Why EV can help create your brand today 

At EV, we know the power and impact of brand in achieving any business’s commercial objectives. We have an experienced and multidisciplined team who approach brand in a completely holistic way. 

Our creative work is underpinned by strategic insight to ensure your brand is fit for your needs, today and into the future.  

Our brand development team can ensure your tech sounds as cool to your audience as it does to you. Why not get in touch today for a free consultation? 

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