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Our B Corp journey – how we reached certification


We are now a B Corp™ certified company! We’re so proud to say we are finally part of this global community of companies who are upholding themselves to high standards of social and environmental impact.

It has been a long journey to get here. We’ve worked really hard for over a year, pushing ourselves to achieve more than we ever thought we could, and finally we’ve been officially certified at 102.8 points.

Overall B Impact Score: 102.8

So why B Corp?

As a business whose whole ethos is centred around sustainable marketing, it made sense for us to become a part of the B Corp family. We try to encompass sustainable marketing in all its forms; we help people get the right infrastructure in place to know what their customers and their employees need in the long term. If you want quick fixes that neglect people and the planet, putting your profit first, we won’t be the agency for you.

Aby – “We always said we were a company who did good, but we had never tested ourselves against this claim. This is what we wanted to do with B Corp – to hold ourselves accountable, challenge ourselves to be better, and to find new ways to encourage ourselves and others to create positive impact.”

We’re in a privileged position, we know that, and that’s why we want to use our power to work with people and be people who are doing good.

We want EV to be powered by purpose, pride and kindness, and becoming a B Corp felt like the perfect way for us to officially put this into practice. We want to hold ourselves accountable – to make sure we’re walking the walk.

Powered by a community.

Our clients do great things. Our hope has always been to work with companies who are positively impacting people, business or planet.

This has surrounded us with some beautifully inspiring people. There’s one of our earliest clients, CameraForensics, who uses technology to fight against child sexual exploitation, and newer additions to the fold like Extracellular, who is accelerating the progress of cellular agriculture for cultivated meat. Or the charities we help pro bono who are working on important social issues.

We could go on and on – there are so many good things to showcase, achievements to sing about, and positive impact to be inspired by.

In return, we want to provide them with the best possible support we can. To not only help them achieve the success they deserve, but to do this using sustainable, positive and ethical practices.

Ultimately, it’s these people who motivate us to do what we do. Getting certified was another way for us to hold ourselves to the standards we see in our clients, and to connect with more businesses that share these values.

There is so much power in working as a collective. We saw it in our own team who dedicated their time and passion to completing this project. Now, through this network of B Corp companies, we hope to expand upon our own actions as well as our sphere of influence.

Gemma – “We’ve always been a collective of people that want to make a positive change in this world. Getting B Corp certified not only validates that we’re actively doing good, but will ensure that we keep doing just as much good (if not more) as EV grows.”

What we have learned.

Although we always felt like we were having a positive impact, we couldn’t really know for sure until we put ourselves to the test.

Honestly, we found out a lot during this process. We weren’t as positive in some areas as we thought, and we happily surprised ourselves in others. This experience has shone a light on us, our practices and our values, but that was the whole point.

B Corp not only showed us where we were falling short, but it motivated us to rectify and push beyond these measures.

We wanted to be transparent, and we wanted to say with confidence that we uphold our mission of driving positive change to make the world a better place. Now, I think we can say authentically that we do – with the caveat that we’ll always be striving to do more.

Grace – “My favourite part of the EV B Corp journey is that we haven’t just wanted to create a more sustainable company within EV, but have encouraged other businesses that we work with or partner with to have better societal, environmental and sustainable policies.

Even down to ensuring the cleaners of the building we rent from are paid better, an incredible example of the positive change a group of people can make to ensure we don’t just say we do good.”

Moving forwards.

We aim to keep improving our score and challenging ourselves to find new ways to embody the B Lab™ vision of an economy that prioritises impact rather than profit.

Although this was a team effort, there was one team member who went above and beyond. A huge shout out to Vicki who really was the driving force behind this milestone. She not only kept us on track but always found ways of improving that fell outside of the B Corp impact assessment’s remit, even working with companies we’re connected with to benefit their own working practices.

Vicki – “B Corp has pushed us to challenge ourselves and make formal commitments about the good we do but, more importantly, to always think about the positive impact we can make. We wanted to be a good company, and B Corp has made us a better company, but we know we can be even better!”

Check out our B Corp page to explore more about this experience.