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How paid media can help B2B tech companies grow


When it comes to marketing your tech brand to a B2B audience, paid media can help you be strategic. Target specific audience segments? Tick. Promote an industry report or guide to generate leads? Tick. Give you trackable results? Another tick. 

Ultimately, paid media – such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – can help you position your B2B tech brand for growth. Here’s how. 

Connect with a precise audience 

To really start scaling your business, you need to make sure that you’re getting in front of the right people. Paid media marketing can accelerate this process significantly and with much more precision. For instance, paid ads on LinkedIn can help you engage with decision-makers with very specific interests. Or, capitalising on transactional keywords with Google Ads can help you put your product or solution in front of high-intent searchers.  

As a B2B technology brand, your audience isn’t likely to be as wide as that of an ecommerce site selling homeware. Therefore, defining your audience is crucial to paid media success. You can find more advice on this in our free Fundamentals of lead gen in B2B marketing guide, which offers plenty of tips for launching well-rounded lead gen campaigns. 

Build your brand in a competitive space  

The tech industry is competitive, and B2B buyers are busy. This we all know. Yet, if you consistently provide value to decision-makers, then you can start to gain their attention (and trust).  

This may be by using boosted LinkedIn posts to share insightful content that positions you as an industry thought leader, for example. Or it could be by bidding on competitors’ keywords on Google, so that searchers associate you with others in the sector.  

With an effective paid media strategy, you can do more than increase awareness and build credibility. You can also make sure that your brand, product, or services are top of mind for consumers, if and when they progress from the awareness stage. 

Nurture leads from awareness to decision-making 

Paid media marketing can also help with lead nurturing, all by kickstarting a relationship between your brand and qualified leads.  

Picture the scene. You boost a post on LinkedIn to promote a whitepaper, offering lots of value to your target audience. It’s gated, so you’re able to collect the email addresses of those who download it and feed them into a follow-up marketing flow.  

The goal is to take them from the awareness stage to the decision-making stage, but of course, B2B buying journeys are rarely linear. With paid media, however, you can remarket to people who have seen your content, but who haven’t engaged or converted. This gives you another shot at capturing their attention with a new hook or promotion.  

To take advantage of paid media for lead nurturing, make sure that you’re engaging people with the most appropriate content for their needs, decision-making power, and buyer journey stage. 

Enrich your organic marketing 

Paid media can not only help you connect a precise audience to the most helpful content for their needs, but it can also enrich your organic marketing efforts. This might be your social media presence, your SEO strategy, or your content marketing, for instance. 

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or generate leads, driving more traffic to your website can give your organic content even better visibility. In reverse, continuing to nurture leads that you’ve acquired through paid media with organic marketing – such as through LinkedIn posts or email flows – allows you to build more authentic relationships.  

Your paid media can complement your organic marketing nicely to build your brand over time, and achieve both short- and long-term lead generation goals. 

“By strategically driving traffic to your website through paid channels, you amplify the visibility of your organic content. Nurturing leads acquired through paid media in combination with organic strategies creates an authentic cadence to your content, building your brand’s resonance over time.”

– Tom Sinkinson, Digital Account Manager

Learn from data to inform decision-making 

When it comes to scaling up your tech brand, knowing where to invest for maximum output is key. Paid media can give you this insight, making it a useful tool for informed decision-making.  

For instance, you might track key performance indicators (KPIs) like conversion rates, so that you can assess how effectively your ads and landing pages are turning browsers into customers. Or you might track revenue on ad spend (ROAS) to make sure you’re maximising your budget.  

Monitoring KPIs allows you to track the effectiveness of your paid media campaigns, split test them easily, and improve them continuously. LinkedIn and Google Ads can be updated in near real-time too, so you can implement what you’ve learnt almost immediately. 

Learning from results helped us to achieve 90 marketing qualified leads in just a few months for Trailight, an individual regulatory compliance platform. We began with a multi-channel digital campaign, and optimised it over time based on what we were leaning. If you’d like to read more about how we achieved this, check out our case study here.  

Position your B2B tech brand for growth with EV 

If you’d like to learn more about scaling your tech brand sustainably, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer a range of outsourced marketing services to help tech brands evolve, including end-to-end paid media and PPC management to increase quality traffic and conversions.