Scaling tech brands need content marketing. Here’s why


This McKinsey playbook, based on lessons from the B2B SaaS sector, lists marketing and demand generation as one of the seven ‘boosters’ for scaling from startup to standout.  

Are we surprised? Absolutely not – but we’d go further to say that marketing isn’t just a booster. It’s an essential part of the scale-up journey. 

A core part of this is tech content marketing, which is integral to all marketing activity. Content is key to every marketing asset you create. It’s the voice of your brand. It shapes how you communicate with your target audience, and ultimately how you scale.  

Here’s why. 

5 benefits of tech content marketing for scalers 

1. Create an engaged audience 


Tech content marketing doesn’t necessarily mean writing about your product’s specifications again and again. You have an opportunity to connect with your audience. 

A brilliant example of this in action comes from HubSpot. The tech giant creates groups for marketers to ask questions and share tips, and even participates by recommending resources that relate to users’ comments. In doing so, HubSpot embeds itself in its audience’s minds, without constantly promoting its CRM. 


Here are some content types that could engage your target audience. 

  • Thought leadership content that starts a new conversation or gives a fresh perspective on an existing one. 
  • Social media captions that give customers insight into your brand perspective and encourage them to share their own. 
  • Mission-driven website copy that helps readers understand the why, how, and what of your offering. 

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2. Turn researchers into customers 


According to Gartner, B2B buyers spend almost half of their time in the lead up to a purchase doing independent research, online and offline. This means that having a bank of informative content – whether blog posts or brochures – can put you in front of prospects who may one day become customers. 

Content marketing is your opportunity to engage audiences from the very beginning of their journey. For instance, your prospects might not know that they need a SaaS cybersecurity platform just yet, but they might be under pressure to comply with new cybersecurity regulations. By providing answers to their initial questions (e.g. ‘When does XXX come into force?’ ‘How to comply with XXX?’), you can become their go-to resource from the start.  


Here are some content types to help you establish trust throughout the B2B buyer’s journey. 

  • Awareness blogs that capture prospects’ attention as they begin to ask questions or educate themselves on related topics. 
  • Guides and whitepapers that support readers as they dig deeper into these topics and explore the solutions available. 
  • Visually engaging infographics or product sheets that present the key benefits of your technology in an easily digestible way. 

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3. Grow a team of aligned employees 


If you want to scale, you need a team of talented people! 

You might not realise it, but content marketing can help. Done well, recruitment-focused content marketing can get people excited about the prospect of working with your tech. It can help you target people with the skills, experience, and mindset to help you scale, by articulating your values and giving your company a personality. 


Here are some content types that could help you attract people with the necessary growth mindset.  

  • Employee-owned content, such as thought leadership articles that share unique perspectives from inside the company.  
  • Social media captions that highlight team days, company policies, work perks, and anything else that shows off your culture. 
  • Culture-focused webpages, such as a ‘Meet the team’ page with small bios for each member. 

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4. Highlight your successes with social proof 


B2B buyers want to know that they’re investing in the right technology, so they look around. What are their competitors using? Which brands are trusted the most within their industry? 

That’s why social proof should be a key element of all tech content marketing strategies. Even before customers begin actively comparing solutions, they may be interested to know that you’ve provided a great service to others in the industry. 


Here are some content types that can be used as social proof. 

  • Case studies that explore how your product or solution meets customers’ needs and has had a positive business impact. 
  • Customer testimonials that can be shared across social media. 
  • Submissions to awards that will give you credibility, including local, sector-specific awards. 

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5. Attract investors for essential funding 


A key part of your scaling up journey will be to compel investors to provide funding. Whether you’re developing a product or hiring your first team members, your growth will depend on this financial injection.  

Content marketing can support this process, too. How you communicate your brand’s vision and your product’s value proposition will either grab, or lose, investors’ attention.  


Here are some types of content that could help you attract investors.  

  • Pitch decks that show your value proposition, the market for your technology, and how you plan to put funding to use. 
  • Company announcements that highlight milestones or achievements – from award nominations to major recruitment decisions.  
  • An investor-focused webpage that explores your future ambitions and gives investors a clear route to getting in touch. 

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Support your scale-up journey with tech content marketing 

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