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Taking the steps towards sustainable marketing: series conclusion


Author: Aby Sullivan

The whole point of ‘sustainable marketing’ is that there is no end game. Nobody wins, nobody owns it. It’s about collaborating as an ecosystem to learn, evolve, and support one another to get better at it. 

Until we can change what success means to businesses, it will be difficult for sustainable practices to be accepted in a genuine way. While success still means shareholder profit, sustainable marketing will for so many be used as a tick-box exercise or tactic, much like greenwashing is to environmental sustainability.  

For it to work, success has to be based on the impact businesses have on the world – what they leave behind. 

We know (in fact we have seen) how lucrative sustainable marketing can be with our own clients. It’s not always what people think they want, but having the patience and doing the hard work to build brands, rather than rushing to act and react, works – and it works really well.  

That being said, this a journey we’re still on. It was time for us to readjust how we look and sound to put the concept of a more sustainable approach at the forefront, but it certainly doesn’t mean this was the beginning of it all, and it doesn’t mean we’re there yet.  

We recognise we have a lot to learn and a huge amount of perspective and process shifting to do, but our hope in initiating this conversation is that we’ll find those likeminded partners we need to make a bigger change. 

Our purpose is to continue developing this sustainable marketing approach and to prove how successful it can be. 

In aid of this, we’d love to hear from you if you’re doing something similar or would like to come on this journey with us.