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The CEO Letters – Simon Burgess


“Half-baked ideas are the seed of creativity.”

3 lessons in figuring out what truly matters

Simon Burgess describes himself as a “master of nothing but putting in the hours” – and that he’s certainly done. He’s a tech entrepreneur, a sports media specialist, a film producer, an artist, an activist, a regenerative farmer, and much, much more, with a truly inspiring story to share. 

From sleeping rough, to navigating a failed first business, to figuring out that fast cars only bring a flicker of satisfaction – Simon’s journey hasn’t been easy. But every experience has helped him see what truly matters.  

In the sixth release of our series, The CEO Letters, Simon gets candid about his greatest entrepreneurial lessons (and the challenges that taught him each one).   

Here’s a sneak peek: 

  1. Know that after tough times, you’ll have a sense of real gratitude 
  2. Get into the trenches with your team – good leadership depends on it 
  3. Value what gives you a warm glow inside, not what “looks” like success 

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