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What are the benefits of video content marketing?  


Over the past few years, video content marketing has become increasingly popular with marketing teams and audiences alike. In 2021, it was estimated that the average person spends around 100 minutes a day watching videos online. A demand that doesn’t seem to be deteriorating.  

The number of businesses using video marketing is rising, increasing 41% since 2016. Making video content marketing is a strategy that any innovative business should implement.  

To get a better understanding of why video content marketing should be part of your content marketing strategy, including the benefits, continue reading.

What is video marketing? 

Video content marketing is a marketing effort that uses the medium of video to convey a message. This includes video formats such as:

  • Explainer videos 
  • Animated videos 
  • Live streams 
  • Demo videos 
  • Expert videos 
  • How-to videos 

Video marketing helps to promote a business’s service or products and can leverage audience engagement and brand awareness.  

Video marketing strategies don’t necessarily have to fulfil the sole purpose of selling a product, either. This kind of content marketing can help establish credibility and support organisational efforts to be recognised as an industry leader

Why is video content marketing important for business? 

As we venture upon a digital revolution, businesses need to show that they can keep up. As audiences progressively interact with all sorts of technology, it is increasingly difficult to execute content strategies that effectively impress and capture attention. 

HHigh-quality video marketing can help solidify your overarching marketing strategy and portray your brand as progressive and knowledgeable. Strengthening your team with video editing skills will also go a long way.  

Using video marketing to persuade and convert  

Not only is video marketing a creative way to tell a story, but viewers are more likely to remember what they watch. Video for your marketing campaigns is a highly persuasive technique that can nudge audiences towards an action.  

Video marketing for business is a way of adding another string to your bow. Businesses must now be multi-media savvy. This doesn’t just impress but can aid in approaching audiences from all angles. Through a variety of techniques, including video format, you can fulfil the objective of eventually converting them into customers.  

The benefits of video marketing  

Implementing video into your marketing campaigns can boast a wide range of benefits, such as:  

More potential for an increase in ROI  

Return on investment is likely one of the most common phrases moving around your office daily. Most all businesses strive to see a continuous increase. According to a study conducted by HubSpot in 2020, 87% of video marketers said that video marketing gave them a positive ROI.  

Videos engage all kinds of buyers 

Content such as whitepapers, datasheets and elaborate thought leadership articles, are often aimed at a specific audience. These kinds of content can sometimes be relatively exclusive and also not something your ‘average’ buyer wants to look at.  

Video marketing offers a kind of content that a wide variety of audiences love to engage with.  

Enrich SEO  

Video marketing can help to boost your website’s ranking on a search engine. Establishing more backlinks to your site, increasing engagement and potentially increasing the time users spend on your site, video content can nurture your SEO efforts.  

By creating video content complemented by effective SEO, your product or service has a chance of making it to the first page of a search engine. This will support your business in reaching its target audience and reinforce credibility

Full creative control to convey your narrative 

Effective video content will enable you to connect with your audiences in a meaningful way. It can sometimes be difficult to get the true essence of a message across in a static or written piece of content.  

Through video marketing, you can help establish an essential level of trust with your audiences. Video content has many avenues it can go down. Whichever you choose, it’s your content to make your own, and show audiences what your brand is really about.  

Boost conversions   

Converting prospects into customers is something video marketing is often successful in achieving. Videos featured on landing pages have the potential of increasing conversion rates by 80%. It’s not just landing pages where video content marketing is effective, but on social media, too.  

Social media platforms are a prominent place for businesses to interact and engage with audiences. 93% of marketers have landed a new customer due to social media video marketing efforts. Ensure you create a tasteful and high-quality social video that aligns with your brand. You may also need an expert marketing team to help it get the recognition it deserves.  

Satisfy audiences 

You can see even within the vast success of TikTok alone that audiences are thrilled by video content. According to Lemonlight, a very significant 99% of consumers enjoy watching videos. Contributing factors to this high statistic may be that videos are often fun and easy to share with friends, are stimulating and something that people can easily bond over. 

You can use video content marketing anywhere online, whether that be your social media, blog posts, website or in a case study. Videos add colour to something that may have otherwise been lifeless. If audiences are increasingly drawn towards video content, why not give them what they want?  


There’s a lot of science behind why people are so enthralled by video content. Alongside videos triggering a host of emotional responses, viewers are more likely to remember video content, as opposed to plain text.   

Watching a video is, essentially, an experience. When audiences go through an experience, they are more susceptible to remembering it. If someone were to tell you something, you’ll likely retain the information, compared to if you read their words on a flyer, for example.

Make video part of your content marketing strategy 

You can see from the above the powerful properties of video content marketing. Not simply a visually pleasing marketing effort, but a medium that has quite profound effects on the human brain, video content will undoubtedly elevate your marketing efforts. 

If you would like to start implementing video content into your marketing strategy, or enhance your current activity, then feel free to get in touch with EV today. We are proficient in B2B video content marketing. We have the experience and know-how to not only create inspiring video content, but to market it effectively so you can start seeing results.