Why methodologies matter in marketing


What do successful businesses have in common? Talented and dynamic individuals on the payroll – sure. A great work ethic – of course. A collective drive to achieve the same goal – a given. But the one thing that underpins their success is a supportive infrastructure; whether that’s a methodology, framework, philosophy or any other buzzword of your choosing.

That’s because they regiment best practice while empowering teams to be creative, ensuring that a product, service or system consistently delivers for the long haul. And marketing agencies are no exception.

The ones with tried and tested frameworks will deliver high quality strategy and digital campaigns, month in, month out. Those without might deliver the big thinking at face value, but the cracks will soon show. Here’s why:

1. Marketing strategies can’t be delivered without a methodology

“Embracing the right methodologies isn’t just a choice; it’s the strategic roadmap that navigates businesses through the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences. In marketing, methodologies aren’t mere tools; they are the foundation that turns chaos into coherence, and objectives into measurable wins.”

Muyambo Kasweshi, Senior Account Manager 

A compelling, Jordan Belfort-esque pitch might convince you that you need a certain marketing company’s services to become a unicorn. But ultimately, if the strategy isn’t supported by a methodology to achieve it, it’s probably hot air. After all, consistent and methodical communication across multiple marketing channels is crucial to their success.

2. A methodology keeps you on track

Any marketing methodology worth its salt evaluates the performance of a strategy. By drilling into data gathered by platforms like Google Analytics and HubSpot, your marketing team will be able to measure the success of content and digital campaigns in real time.

For example, subtle recalibrations to underperforming thought leadership blogs could be made to your marketing plan, meaning that you don’t plod on with tasks that are doing nothing for your business growth. Without a methodology, it could be months or years before the penny drops.

3. A methodology indicates your marketing partners know what they’re talking about

Developing a methodology that works takes time. And a lot of refining. So, when you’re comparing different agencies, always check for customer testimonies and case studies to see their methodology in action. The real experiences of your peers will be more illustrative of an agency’s actual service – and whether it’s appropriate for you – than anything else.

4. A methodology provides future-proof marketing infrastructure

Just because you don’t have the capacity for an in-house marketing department now, that doesn’t mean you want to outsource forever. By hiring an agency with a framework and defined processes, you’ll gradually build up a sustainable marketing infrastructure your future team can enact autonomously. That’ll mean good practices are already enshrined in your business, setting you up for future success.

Do you want to see a tried and tested marketing methodology in action?