Brytlyt are market leaders in the GPU database market, empowering transformational insights for data-led global organisations through innovative data solutions. Brytlyt is the fastest and most advanced GPU-accelerated analytics platform, with embedded AI capabilities and an interactive visualisation workbench.


Accelerating commercial growth through marketing

Brytlyt had recently received Series A funding and had ambitious plans to grow their business in the following months. The team hadn’t focused on marketing before, and decided it was time to invest in marketing activity to both help their scale-up journey and rapidly achieve their next stage of commercial objectives.  

The goals: 

  • To support rapid business, commercial and market growth through marketing 
  • To position themselves against more established market players 
  • To build a modern brand that matched their new and future growth  
  • To integrate marketing strategy into the business and initiate digital activity  
  • To build an impressive reputation that would attract greater investment 

Richard Heyns, CEO and Founder of Brytlyt, tells us how he “discovered Estrella Ventures organically; their impressive website and experience working with innovative technology companies convinced me they were the right team for us.” 


Shaping Brytlyt's market leading niche

As a relatively new and highly technical field, we began by extensively researching the market background, emerging landscape and pivotal trends that were shaping activity and engagement in this space. We realised that Brytlyt had a new and innovative offering which hadn’t been communicated through their market messaging.   

Our core aim for Brytlyt became to leverage their early entry into the market, creating a defined market positioning which could be the platform for their growth as leading players. Based on a thorough evaluation of their current digital marketing activity, brand strategy and existing collateral, we identified some core focuses that would be implemented to shape our marketing activity and achieve their objectives: 

  • Communicate their expertise, unique IP technology and knowledge externally
  • Provide additional resource and guidance for commercial and sales objectives  
  • Create a modern, product-focused platform that highlighted their offerings 
  • Accelerate digital advertising and marketing through all available touch-points and introduce integrated, targeted campaigns 

Creating multi-layered, targeted growth marketing

With the core objectives and activities established, we kicked off their marketing strategy with an end-to-end rebrand. This was centred around translating the Brytlyt products into a commercial, market-ready platform that clearly communicated their offering and unique value proposition.  

We implemented a fresh marketing strategy which showcased the unique expertise and innovation of Brytlyt’s solutions. This was founded on establishing a competitive and eye-catching digital presence across all channels, which was backed by audience-focused and benefit-led content  

To accelerate Brytlyt’s progress towards their ambitious goals, we have established a targeted, multi-layered digital campaign plan, which includes discovery campaigns, account-based marketing, vertical marketing, full social media management, and more. This integrated activity is currently being implemented to build brand awareness, create viable business opportunities and generate tangible leads.  

“EV have dramatically scaled our marketing activity, introducing intricate and detailed marketing campaigns designed specifically to target our ideal customer base,” Richard Heyns states. “Their work has been extremely strategic – they’ve even gone the extra mile by integrating their activity with our sales team, supporting them to engage and convert leads.”  

What we delivered: 

  • Complete rebrand design work, including company and product logos, sales collateral, business collateral and a suite of iconography 
  • Website design and creation 
  • Strategy and methodology infrastructure development 
  • Sales and commercial support 
  • Integrated ABM and inbound campaign activity 
  • End-to-end digital marketing campaigns  
  • Thought leadership content creation 
  • Partner marketing  
  • Social media audits, curation and management  

“Even in such a short time, we have seen activity and engagement increase exponentially since EV came on board. Our content is more tailored and targeted than ever. Our marketing activity is really resonating with the right audiences, and we’ve received great feedback on our new brand and messaging,” Richard Heyns says.   

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    Authentic brand strategy

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    Transformational brand proposition

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    Clear competitor differentiation

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    Messaging represented in global media


Moving from strength to strength

Brytlyt are moving from strength to strength, having experienced significant platform and team growth in the months after onboarding EV. We plan to create an even more collaborative relationship, especially with the sales department, so we can continue to support Brytlyt to effectively exploit their increasing number of marketing, PR and business opportunities. 

Richard concludes, We’ve been really impressed with what EV has achieved for us in such a short time and are excited to keep building on the infrastructure and activity they’ve implemented.” 



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