CameraForensics is a digital imaging forensics system used by global law enforcement agencies (LEAs) engaged in investigations into online criminal behaviour. Providing vital open-source intelligence, which uses novel methods to link seized media to images on the open Internet, their platform helps to safeguard victims and prosecute perpetrators of crimes such as child sexual exploitation, modern slavery, human trafficking and terrorism.


Marketing specialist technology effectively

Before CameraForensics began their partnership with EV, all marketing activities had been reactive in the absence of specialist in-house expertise. This resulted in a brand that didn’t accurately reflect the company’s groundbreaking technology, which in turn made it harder to approach big industry and government players.

Crucially, CameraForensics had also not yet found an effective method to overcome the hurdle of marketing technology with classified functionalities, meaning that they were entirely reliant on word of mouth to gain new business.


Understanding the nuances

“When EV and CameraForensics were both in their start-up phase, Tanya and I met by chance in a Bristol co-working space,” says Dave, the company’s Commercial Director. “I was immediately impressed by her enthusiasm about the platform and her understanding of the nuances of marketing sensitive technologies. She quickly grasped what we did and didn’t have capacity for internally, and went on to create a truly bespoke strategy which really suits us.”

To provide a solid platform for growth, EV carved out an authentic positioning for CameraForensics, putting their collaborative approach and technological expertise front and centre of the rebrand. “The perspective EV provided was crucial to the success we’ve enjoyed over the past year or so,” Dave continues. “Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to home in on exactly what’s unique about your offering and how you can use it to your advantage.

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    95% increase in direct website traffic

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    44% increase in new users

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    Established company identity

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    85% increase in social impressions


"Now our messaging is bold and assured, and so is the look and feel of the site"

Getting noticed

“Now, our messaging is bold and assured, and so is the look and feel of the site. We’ve always had confidence in the technical side of things, so it feels right that it’s mirrored in our brand. In an industry that places huge importance on trust and authenticity, what EV have given us is priceless.”

That hasn’t been the only positive of EV’s strategy. “When we go to conferences now, we’re regularly approached by collaborators who’re impressed by all of the activity we’re engaging in,” Dave adds. “In reality, we’re putting in the same amount of man hours that we always have done, but through social media campaigns, blogs and infographics, we’re now getting that across in a really effective way.”


What next?

After making huge progress in the last year, including a 95% increase in direct traffic to the website and a 44% increase in new users, CameraForensics are well placed to kick on.

“It’s important for us to carry on nurturing the relationships we’ve built with law enforcement over the last five years,” says Founder, Matt Burns. “Equally, it now feels like the appropriate time for us to take the platform into new markets and territories. Needless to say, we’re confident that we’ll be able to achieve this with the help of EV and its brilliant team.”




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