RiverSafe are cyber security intelligence experts, delivering comprehensive cyber security and data operations solutions. They support some of the world’s biggest companies -– including Vodafone, Sky and BP – to help prioritise operational data and yield actionable insights.


Adding strategic purpose to marketing delivery

RiverSafe had been working with another marketing agency but weren’t seeing the right results. While collateral and campaigns were being provided, without a clear strategy or structured plan to back them up RiverSafe weren’t experiencing the boost in lead generation they hoped for.  

They decided they needed an agency who could do more than just deliver.

The goals:

  • A rebrand that was tailored to their business
  • A cohesive strategy to organise and steer delivery
  • Strategic marketing consultancy that would actively inform business decisions
  • Marketing that drives lead generation

“Estrella Ventures feels more like a trusted, in-house team without the limitations of a standard agency,” Suid Adeyanju, Managing Director of RiverSafe, says. “They deliver an end-to-end marketing service, with everything we need – from strategy to design to account management – and their strategic focus always ensures they get results.” 


Building an informed strategy

In order to build the purpose-led strategy they needed, we began by establishing RiverSafe’s corporate objectives for business growth, and used these as a reference for our research.

We then evaluated both the commercial and marketing activity, including existing and potential strategic partnerships, touchpoints and brand collateral. From here, we identified three challenges; their website design was outdated and didn’t drive engagement; there wasn’t a unified strategy for marketing, sales and commercial objectives; and important touchpoints and relationships weren’t being nurtured to their full potential.

“EV did an excellent job at evaluating what we had to offer, what we were doing wrong, and where our untapped potential lay. They provided us with a complete marketing framework to help us achieve our goals, and established a cohesive network of activity for all corners of the business,” Suid explains.


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    Improved lead generation

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    Increased website traffic

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    Dramatic growth in conversions & social engagement

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    Partner program launched


In partnership with RiverSafe we have built a sustainable brand with purpose


Aligning all business activity for optimal return

To meet RiverSafe’s objectives, overcome their three core challenges and drive lead generation, we first established a common platform to shape all company activity. The main focus of our initial analysis was to identify all disparate processes in the business and create a comprehensive strategy that would ensure the business was acting under a shared mission and advancing in the same direction.

We also placed a large focus on sales enablement for RiverSafe. We incorporated our team with their internal sales team, helping and advising them on how to define, engage, nurture and convert their various audiences. We provided strategy assistance, CRM management consultancy, HubSpot consultancy and implementation, and collaborative sales/marketing campaigns.

This ensured RiverSafe’s outreach and inbound marketing and sales activity was more targeted, strategic and informed in order to effectively engage with their most valuable audiences.

“Due to the work EV have done, we now have a more tactical process for identifying, qualifying, contacting and managing leads,” Suid states.

We have supported RiverSafe to implement a multi-pronged approach to marketing. The sales and marketing team together have delivered, tested and tracked many diverse projects through HubSpot and other key channels. Their social media engagement has resultantly risen and their partnerships with major vendors have expanded.

What we delivered:

  • In-depth external and internal research plus company audits
  • An integrated marketing, sales and brand strategy aligned with commercial goals
  • An end-to-end rebrand
  • Website design and development
  • A strategic SEO content plan
  • Targeted sales and inbound marketing campaigns
  • Strategic business partnerships
  • Full-service marketing management and implementation



Ensuring a model for continued growth

We have developed a collaborative relationship with RiverSafe that puts their specific needs at the heart of all activity. We proactively review our joint long-term strategies to ensure our short-term delivery is always aligned with key business objectives and to identify new business opportunities.

“In other agencies, we had to push for things to get done – but EV are so easy to work with. They took an active lead from the beginning to provide value, and have always been eager to help us achieve our strategic and commercial goals,” Suid concludes.




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