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Content Marketing Services.

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Content that creates a strong market position.

The average B2B buyer engages with 3-7 pieces of content before talking to a sales rep – so let’s build a pool of content that builds relationships and encourages action with your target audiences.

Our content marketing services deliver work that is purposeful and informed. Whether you’re looking for an integrated content strategy, or a standalone campaign, we’ll create content that adds to a powerful brand narrative.

The highlights

  • Content marketing strategies
  • Thought leadership series
  • Reports, guides and brochures
  • Digital campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages and web pages
  • SEO blogs
  • Social media copy
  • Video scripts
  • Sales support

Content Marketing Strategies.

Content is a vessel for your marketing and commercial strategies. That means we don’t create content for content’s sake. We create content strategies that help to build brands, attract prospects, and create trusted customer relationships.

We carefully research the market, industry trends, competitor performance and your company positioning to inform your brand messaging and long-term plans of activity. This means your content marketing is purposeful and backed by insight.

Audience. We consider your different target audiences, personas and stages of the decision-making process to create strategies that speak to every individual.


Objectives. Do you want to build your reputation? Generate leads? Position yourself in a new market? Our marketing content is tailored to meet your strategic objectives.

Buyer cycle. We create balanced plans to fulfil your audience’s needs at each stage of the buyer cycle, from generating awareness to getting prospects ready to buy.


Performance. Our team uses your previous performance and monitors future KPIs to design content plans to have the most impact.

Thought leadership.

Thought leadership content strengthens your brand reputation. By showcasing your expert point of view, you show your audience that you’re uniquely capable of solving their challenges. It grows your audience’s trust in you as the go-to provider for their needs.

We draw on marketing strategy, market research and our tech writing expertise to turn your leading insights into compelling content. Whether it’s a powerful article or a thought leadership campaign, we deliver content that establishes a clear brand voice. It’s marketing that you’ll be proud to put your name on.

What you’ll get.

  • Improved brand awareness
  • A trusted reputation
  • Increased audience engagement
  • A strong brand positioning

"The team skilfully implemented a strong content plan, structured social media campaigns and blogs to communicate our market-leading methodology and our individual stories. By speaking to our operators in the Frog team, the team was able to create genuine and consistent content that highlighted our expertise."

- Mike Reid, Frog

“It’s been brilliant having EV on this journey – their approach is really collaborative and responsive. I’ve particularly enjoyed the content creation process – seeing our technical knowledge translated into consumable marketing content that embodies who we are, not just what we do.”

- Richard Flemmings, 4EI

“EV has found a really happy place for us. Yes, we’re still talking about complex technology and telling medical stories, but we’ve also grown to be a consumer-facing brand. I think it’s been achieved really well.”

- Garry Pratt, EarSwitch™

Examples of our content at work.

The CEO Letters – Hazel Moore.

Hazel Moore is chair and co-founder of venture capital firm FirstCapital. She has a long list of achievements under her belt, including holding an NED position, being named one of the most influential women in mid-market M&A, and receiving an OBE for her contribution to entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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Big data and the prevention of child sexual exploitation.

The potential for big data to unlock crucial insights for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) is huge. “Predictive policing” is becoming increasingly mainstream as police forces across the globe leverage their vast data stores in order to analyse crime trends.

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Integrated digital campaigns.

Copy underpins any successful campaign. We create consistent digital marketing copy that spans collateral and channels. Think of a social media ad campaign that drives people to download a brochure, for example.

Our team can excellently adapt messaging to suit specific audiences, markets, platforms and pain points. We ensure we’re engaging the right people to generate more valuable traffic and leads.

We also specialise in SEO-optimised content to boost your digital performance. Keyword and topic research allows us to curate content that aligns with what your audiences, and search engines, want to read.


What you’ll get.

  • Increased website traffic
  • Qualified lead generation
  • Search engine rankings
  • Targeted KPIs and results

Get the full marketing management package.

In our outsourced marketing packages, we manage the implementation and continuous evolution of your marketing strategy – from creation to delivery to reporting.

Outsourced Marketing

See the power of content marketing.

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