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Outsourced Marketing Packages.

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Strategic, scalable and effective marketing.

Prioritise sustainable growth, not just one-off delivery.

Engaging agencies to deliver independent campaigns can make a huge impact, but the results won’t necessarily last long-term.

End-to-end marketing solutions ensure consistent results and sustainable success from your marketing activity.

Through our full-service packages, we embed strategy into your campaigns and lasting infrastructure into your marketing approach. If you’re looking for a supportive partnership, this option is for you.



Integrated marketing plans

  • Marketing strategy
  • Design and branding
  • Content marketing
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Social media management
  • Web creation
  • Account-based marketing
  • HubSpot

Evolve your marketing.

Change is how we grow. Whether you’re looking for a brand revolution or marketing evolution, our model underpins everything we do. 

Our outsourced packages have been developed over decades working with high-growth technology disruptors. They’re designed to deliver consistent communication and establish your unique position. With a focus on your strategic goals, these plans are continuously adapted over time, always resulting in accelerated, yet sustainable, growth. 

Try a more integrated approach. Dramatically evolve your market position. And use the EVOLVE infrastructure to scale at speed. 

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Engage, Audit, Establish

We start our partnership by building a data and market-driven foundation of knowledge. We’ll perform thorough internal, market, and digital research which will shape the direction of your marketing activity. This way, everything is built from context.


Develop, Align, Distil

Effective marketing is guided by purpose. Our purpose is to understand who you are and what makes you great, from which we carve out your strategic positioning. This includes identifying your niche and articulating a clear, unique value proposition that resonates with your audience. Your positioning is delivered within a complete brand strategy and messaging hierarchy, ready to be targeted for every campaign. 


Structure, Integrate, Scale

Time to put your strategy into action. Our long-term plans are built to reach your goals, not just to deliver standalone deliverables. By establishing marketing best practice and an operational infrastructure for scale, we empower accountability, visibility, and impactful results. 


Implement, Impact, Increase

As an outsourced agency, you can trust us to deliver. Our experienced team is multi-skilled, responsive and highly driven. We will manage the complete delivery of your marketing plan – turning ideation into reality. Whether that’s implementing campaigns or consistent channel communication, it’s always done with impact. Our aim will always be to support you to increase your brand equity and lead generation capabilities. 


Monitor, Measure, Report

Consistent visibility is important to our customers and to us. Our built-in review cycle allows us to continuously provide the highest quality results and sustainable growth. We regularly monitor and report on marketing activity to all stakeholders, evaluating the success of our objectives. We have a technology infrastructure to support this which ensures long-term visibility and decision-making for investment. 


Adapt, Increase, Accelerate

Marketing is a living breathing lifecycle. Combining performance insights, market trends, new ideas, and changing company objectives, we continue to fine-tune and improve your marketing strategies. We take a uniquely agile approach, so you’ll always see long-term marketing and brand success. 

Reduce your overheads with outsourced marketing.

This guide compares the costs and services of in-house and outsourced marketing. You’ll get a full break down of potential expenses and some tips for minimising your costs! 

What this guide will cover:

  • Marketing budget and investment trends  
  • Common costs for in-house marketing 
  • EV outsourced marketing packages and costs

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Why Outsourced Marketing

Outsourcing marketing enables companies to acquire all the expertise, tools and tactics of a comprehensive marketing department”



Outsourced marketing packages provide the full strategic marketing experience, supporting you from ideation to implementation. Our team will not only create a customised long-term marketing plan, we’ll deliver, manage and implement the assets and activity.


Acting like your in-house team, we guarantee both productive collaboration and trusted autonomy. We get to know your company inside-out, so everything we produce is of the highest quality.


We align marketing with your core needs and embed our activity with other areas of your business, such as sales. This ensures all the cogs are working intrinsically together, so you get the maximum benefit out of marketing and your business efforts.


End-to-end marketing gives you the strongest platform for your business activity. While we implement a solid marketing infrastructure that drives results, you can confidently focus on what matters to you.

"This has been so valuable for the entire team, providing us with a clear focus and clarity in our work. Every area of the business now has direction, including sales, product development and business growth."

Rob Gordon, Riskaware

"Ultimately, the team acted as an extension of our own, and their passion for our business was a key element in our success. Their marketing strategy created an infrastructure that enabled us to take our business to the next level."

Mike Reid, Frog Capital

“Our partnership with EV was a perfect success story. They provided a clear brand strategy for our diverse offering, which focused our resources, vision, mission and proposition. In just a year they’ve created a fully-fledged marketing platform for us, and given us the support to start taking this in-house.”

Richard Flemmings, 4EI

“I was immediately impressed by Tanya's enthusiasm about the platform and her understanding of the nuances of marketing sensitive technologies. She quickly grasped what we did and didn’t have capacity for internally, and went on to create a truly bespoke strategy which really suits us.”

Dave Ranner, CameraForensics

“Over time, we’ve built a really strong and transparent relationship with the team at EV. They’re an extension of our team, not only when it comes to content, but also with design and strategy. That means we’re able to maintain our sharp positioning across all of the necessary marketing channels.”

Annie Landgraf-Cant, Blu Wireless

Are you ready for a marketing revolution?