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Distilling 4EI’s expertise into market-ready messaging.


4EI use space data for the betterment of humans and the planet through Applied Earth Intelligence. They are pioneering innovation in their sector, transforming how organisations gain intelligence through geospatial analytics, and are experts in a diverse range of capabilities, including Earth Observation, GIS and remote-sensing analytics. 

// The Challenge

Focusing 4EI’s broad offering through clear strategic purpose.

4EI were carving out a new domain within geospatial intelligence, driven by a sustainable company focus that was relatively unique for the sector. Without a clear or consistent marketing strategy in place, they wanted support to bring their distinctive positioning to life and establish a disruptive market presence. 

Richard Flemmings, CTO at 4EI, explains; “Mariam Crichton joined us as MD, and one of her priorities in restructuring the company was to establish a solid marketing and communications presence. EV was recommended to us by one of our partners, Riskaware, who spoke highly of the team’s ability to translate technical services into market-ready messaging.” 

The objectives.

  • To attract and nurture new audiences who aligned with their mission
  • To break into new sectors and countries
  • To create a strategic marketing structure that would support the company to expand their offering long-term
  • To distil and productise their offering with a commercial focus
  • To build a reputation as a disruptive, global brand


Dissecting a diverse market.

During our initial audits with the team, clients and stakeholders, we discovered that the company’s skills and capabilities were much more diverse than was being communicated. Equally, the qualities that set them apart from their competitors, such as their cutting-edge approach within a traditional sector, weren’t a clear focus of their digital messaging. Often, their key selling points were getting lost in unorganised and overly technical content. 

Another challenge we identified was that their messaging needed to target highly differing sectors. We performed extensive research into their target audiences, as well as the product areas they wished to grow into, so we could shape a balanced strategy that would inspire all audiences, without watering down 4EI’s powerful offering. 



Articulating 4EI’s cutting-edge positioning internationally.

Our first priority was to distil the company’s USPs to clarify their unique positioning. We created a company mission that fully articulated their ambitions, and used this to guide the direction of their brand, marketing strategy, sales and communications. 

The first step involved a full rebrand: brand strategy, brand image, service offerings, website and messaging. This infrastructure was built to clearly disseminate key messages to their diverse markets, creating industry-specific solutions and a scalable product suite that represented their broad skill range. 

EV built an integrated marketing strategy that would create a springboard for company growth. The backbone of this plan was delivering cross-channel marketing campaigns that would run concurrently, tailored to target multiple different audiences.   

Supporting this activity was a consistent stream of impactful content series, product-focused marketing and a professional suite of sales material, all of which was building 4EI’s leading reputation. 

“Our partnership with EV was a perfect success story,” Richard says. “They provided a clear brand strategy for our diverse offering, which focused our resources, vision, mission and proposition. In just a year they’ve created a fully-fledged marketing platform for us, and given us the support to start taking this in-house.” 

What we delivered.

  • In-depth external understanding around broad audiences and developing markets
  • Internal company audits and qualitative stakeholder research
  • An end-to-end rebrand, including brand image and messaging
  • Website design and development
  • A campaign-led marketing strategy and activity plan
  • Full-service marketing management, delivery and implementation
  • Account-based marketing support and training


Global campaign-led audience growth.

4EI have seen measurable results from EV’s marketing delivery, as well as a strategic focus that has informed both commercial decisions and organisational operations. 

“We’ve seen a genuine uptick in engagement from the website, marketing campaigns and social channels. Plus, EV have given us the infrastructure to track this lead generation and see our brand recognition increasing.” 

Richard continues, “It’s been brilliant having EV on this journey – their approach is really collaborative and responsive. I’ve particularly enjoyed the content creation process – seeing our technical knowledge translated into consumable marketing content that embodies who we are, not just what we do.” 



Implementing a scalable infrastructure.

EV supported 4EI to establish strategic marketing and then take ownership in-house. They have seen the success of marketing evidenced and hired senior marketing management to lead this in future. 

“With so much variety in our offering, the focus and organisation that the team has given us has been invaluable. We’re grateful at how quickly they’ve kickstarted our marketing and will definitely continue with the structure they’ve created,” Richard concludes.  


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