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Showcasing an influential market niche.


Founded in 1996 and based in Bordeaux, France, AT Internet is one of the early pioneers of digital analytics. The company has grown exponentially to become the leader in digital analytics in Europe, and established a principal reputation across the globe.

// The Challenge

AT Internet were being held back by an ineffective brand. Their undefined brand strategy (and resultant offering) meant they weren’t able to find a unique foothold in the market. This led to them being overlooked for well-suited opportunities in favour of their more recognisable North American competitors.

“We knew we had a lot more to offer than some of our competitors, but didn’t have the right brand or marketing infrastructure to get this message across in a way that made impact,” Laurent de Bar, Corporate Marketing Director of AT Internet explains. “We needed our reputation to precede us and get us in the door for bigger tenders.”

Ultimately, AT Internet wanted a comprehensive commercial and marketing strategy that would carve out a market-leading position and support their business to grow further. Convinced by our methodology and breadth of experience, AT Internet brought on EV for a strategic refresh project.

“The team at EV were extremely thorough and able to distil what our USPs were within a diverse and competitive market.”

The objectives.

  • To create a brand image that stood out in the market and represented their diverse offering accurately
  • To raise brand awareness and build a competitive reputation within the market
  • To establish a clear and unique market position
  • To establish a solid marketing strategy that supported the business to grow
  • To be invited to tenders based off a strong, respected business presence

Laurent continues,

“Their work gave us a direct strategy to enter the market, approach larger clients and effectively accelerate our market growth to the point of a very successful exit.”


A 360º analysis.

We set out to create and deliver an integrated brand strategy that brought AT Internet’s offering to life. Our aim was to establish a very clear and engaging value proposition that had the power to compete with the big market players, leveraging AT Internet’s track record and key market differentiators.

First, we conducted a 360-degree audit of their business – including in-depth audience, market, competitor, internal and brand analysis – to understand what their strengths were and how to best present this to their target audience.

// The Solution

Creating a market-ready brand strategy.

We identified that their existing brand and product strategy was causing communication with the market that was unrepresentative of their capabilities and disconnected across digital platforms. We created an integrated marketing strategy focused on shaping their market position and raising their brand awareness through authentic, impactful and consistent messaging materials. This was centred around the creation of a new core brand identity and defined value proposition.

As a result, AT Internet were acquired by, the global subscription commerce and customer experience platform, and is now working with major brands like the BBC and the Wall Street Journal.

With the framework we provided, AT Internet had an infrastructure to successfully support the business to re-enter the market with confidence. The delivery plan not only linked all their commercial and marketing activity across platforms, but also gave AT Internet all the relevant company assets needed to promote and grow their brand.

What we delivered.

  • A strategic rebrand, including value-based market messaging and digital brand assets
  • Redefined product methodologies and tailored messaging for each sector
  • A go-to-market strategy and delivery plan to promote a new value proposition
  • A framework to support the dissemination of insight by the team
  • A structure to integrate marketing, communications and sales activity
  • A company pitch deck for tendered bids

// The Future

Supporting strategy with focused delivery.

Since the delivery of this project, AT Internet have continued to work with EV for more targeted marketing campaigns. We are continuing our partnership, providing a full account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to target high-value accounts.

We are also now helping AT Internet deliver and implement this plan alongside their market relaunch with the view of supporting future website development – concentrating on getting their message to the right audience through combined sales and marketing activity. This element of our work ultimately played a significant role in finalising the deal between AT Internet and Piano.

“EV have helped us establish a strong, market-ready company strategy that had an impactful presence. We had initially only signed on for a strategy project – but based on their impressive work, we decided to keep them on for marketing delivery and campaign implementation,” Laurent concludes.

"The team at EV were extremely thorough and able to distil what our USPs were within a diverse and competitive market. Their work gave us a direct strategy to enter the market, approach larger clients and effectively accelerate our market growth."

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