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Demonstrating Blu Wireless’s disruptive power.


Blu Wireless are pioneers of intelligent multi-Gbit mmWave wireless communications systems. Addressing the challenge of building cost-effective 5G networks, reliable connectivity on high-speed transport and low latency video streaming in the home, they provide solutions engineered for tomorrow – today.

// The Challenge

Blu Wireless’s mmWave technology is a huge disruptor to the connectivity space, providing cost-effective, fibre-level connections. But historically, outwardly communicating the strength of their product and expertise had been a struggle.

Their small in-house marketing team required support to produce quality thought leadership content that demonstrated their status as key industry players accelerating the next generation of wireless connectivity. That’s where we came in.

“A strategic approach to content was essential in achieving this,” says Blu Wireless Brand and Communications Manager, Annie Landgraf-Cant.

“The team helped us massively when it came to creating an effective communications plan. They also helped us to create audience personas, which allowed us to really dig deep into the messages our targets want to hear.”

// The Solution

Making waves by powering connectivity.

This gave Blu Wireless solid foundations to build from and gradually increase their authority in the connectivity space. Initial content delivered gave 1,772 unique page views for Blu Wireless. “Beyond strategic content, EV are always agile enough to respond to ad hoc opportunities. In our space, these arise pretty often, and it’s crucial that we have our voice heard on key industry developments and events,” declares Annie.

What we delivered.

  • Strategic approach to content
  • Detailed personas for pinpointed messaging
  • Building brand authority
  • Maintaining sharp positioning

// The Future

An extension of Blu Wireless’s team.

Annie feels that this co-operative spirit is a big part of Blu Wireless and EV’s collective success: “Over time, we’ve built a really strong and transparent relationship with the team at EV. They are always trying to add value and we know they really care about getting the best possible results for us.

“They’re an extension of our team, not only when it comes to content, but also with design and strategy. That means we’re able to maintain our sharp positioning across all of the necessary marketing channels.”

Asking about the why.

“I’d recommend them to anyone in the wider tech space – particularly scale-ups. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of the marketing aches and pains SMBs encounter at this stage of their company journey. Not only that, but they also have a broad range of skillsets to overcome those aches and pains, particularly when it comes to strategy and copy,” says Annie.

But for Annie, the key differentiator is integrity. “What sets EV apart from other marketing agencies is that they don’t just do – they’re always asking about the ‘why’ and making sure we’re on the right track. You normally see these characteristics from an internal team, so EV are a great resource for companies who don’t yet have the resources for that.”

“I'd recommend them to anyone in the wider tech space – particularly scale-ups."

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