CameraForensics Connect 2023 - EV

Creating a debut event that unites technology and law enforcement.


For CameraForensics, a leading software developer specialising in tools for law enforcement, developing the most effective tools to help investigators quickly find and safeguard victims is hugely important. That’s why being able to access the insights of law enforcement professionals is critical.  

However, there are very few opportunities for investigators and tech providers to collaborate in this way. 

That’s why CameraForensics decided to partner with Onemi-Global Solutions to create their own summit designed to bring software and enforcement professionals together.  

They turned to us to help them facilitate their first ever hosted event. 

This summit became CameraForensics Connect: the very first event hosted by CameraForensics, in the heart of London.


With an objective in mind, CameraForensics faced a distinctive challenge: design, host, and promote an event that would attract a diverse audience of experts and law enforcement professionals.  

Marketing such an event to a varied audience was vital. Our focus here wasn’t just coordinating logistics, but also crafting a narrative that would resonate and lay the foundations for future events. 

This required a creative approach, making the event not just a gathering but a valuable collaborative experience. The success of the event hinged on our ability to coordinate the logistics of an interactive event seamlessly, strengthened by branding that would attract the right audience and an agenda filled with useful insights. 

The objectives: 

  • Reach a target attendance of 30 law enforcement and technology experts  
  • Facilitate a seamless event experience that reinforces CameraForensicss expert standing
  • Enable open discussions that would foster connections and partnerships within the law enforcement community
  • Discover new opportunities to collaborate moving forward. 


As the trusted marketing partner of CameraForensics, we were committed to making this event a resounding success.  

This meant taking care of all the details in the lead-up and making it as easy as possible for CameraForensics to host an insightful experience. 

But what goes into creating an event like this? 

Event management to keep the project on deadline and within scope 

✓ Creating recognisable event branding – including merchandise, slide templates, and more 

✓ Carefully managing expenses to remain on or under budget 

Arranging photography to capture key events from the two-day summit 

✓ Providing essential event assets, from designing agendas to booking keynote speakers 

Researching a venue that catered to a law enforcement audience and accessibility needs 

✓ Designing an agenda that included valuable keynotes and discussions to close the knowledge gap 

✓ Promoting the event’s success to garner future interest

“CameraForensics Connect 2023 really couldn’t have gone better. Bringing together law enforcement and developers in the same room gave us access to some great insights that have already shaped our company roadmap. We couldn’t have asked for better partners to make this all positive, and look forward to the future of our long-term partnership with EV!”

- Matt Burns, Founder, CameraForensics

Clear, collaborative event management.

The success of any event lies in preparedness, especially for a debut event like this. In the months leading up to CameraForensics Connect, we ensured that everything was in place to create an engaging experience, increase brand awareness, and secure future event attendees.  

Collaborating and finalising an agenda, liaising with local venues, reaching out to invited attendees, and monitoring registration against our target was essential. Together, these elements helped to curate the best event experience possible. 

Sourcing the perfect venue.

Due to the sensitive nature of CameraForensics’s work, the venue needed to be private, accessible, easy to find for attendees, and equipped to facilitate workshops and presentations. 

Our team scouted several venues to ensure we had a space that met all these needs 

Promoting a standout event.

In the months after the event, we rolled out a promotional plan to raise awareness of CameraForensics Connect. The aim was to highlight its success as a leading industry event and lay the foundations for future event marketing activity. Marketing efforts here involved: 

  • Creating blogs exploring the core themes and ideas discussed during the event 
  • Scheduling a series of social posts with photography taken over the two days 
  • Highlighting the event in newsletters 
  • Creating bespoke merchandise  

These efforts boosted the event’s visibility and drove registered interest for future events. 

“Working with CameraForensics to host this event was a great experience! We collaborated closely with CameraForensics and Onemi-Global Solutions, leveraging their law enforcement expertise and network to create a successful event.”

Gemma Bailey, Head of Delivery, EV


Before the event, our strategic marketing resulted in 47 registrations, far surpassing our initial goal of 30. The event itself ran without a hitch. It has since been highly regarded by attendees and keynote speakers as a great success, and registrations for the next event have already begun (despite no location or date being announced yet). 

The result of these efforts was fantastic to see and helped cement CameraForensics’s reputation as an expert and trusted Online Child Safety tech innovator. 


Attendance and target registration exceeded


Rated by all in attendance


Said they would come to another CameraForensics event

"Great event, feel much better connected with the CF team and have a greater understanding of the products."

"I cannot thank you enough, thank you for the team for putting this together and supporting us as law enforcement agencies"

Looking to the future of CameraForensics Connect.

CameraForensics Connect 2023 not only achieved its objectives but also set the stage for future events, reinforcing CameraForensics’ position as a leader in fostering collaboration between technology and law enforcement.

Now, we’re discussing the next annual CameraForensics Connect, with many law enforcement agencies and technology partners already registering their interest.

Get in touch to see how we can help you.