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CreditNature: Making rewilding investable with powerful NFT positioning.

// The background 

CreditNature is an innovative green fintech system developed by Ecosulis that powers nature positive investment and recovery. It combines cutting-edge ecosystem analytics with advances in new green digital assets, such as tokens, to support ESG-related nature and climate positive commitments. 

// The challenge

Defining a complex offering.

CreditNature is placed within a developing market. The positioning needed to navigate an intricate combination of market domains, including green fintech, tokenisation, land management, nature recovery, and sustainability goals to name a few. 

EV were brought on to establish a strategy that would marry these many considerations. Our goals were to support the commercial launch of this microsite: to define the market, raise awareness in the public, and attract suitable investors to join the network.  

// The solution

A balanced and scalable brand strategy.

It was important for us to first pinpoint CreditNature’s niche in this complex new sector, as well as thoroughly understanding the audience this was best suited for. All the while, we needed to create a flexible positioning to accommodate the system’s continual development. 

“Tanya did an excellent job on the strategy for CreditNature. She worked with experts in the green fintech industry and her wide technology network to get to the heart of what would resonate with our target audience and how we could best differentiate ourselves. The result was a brand strategy we think will raise our profile and begin to engage key customers and partners,”

Cain Blythe, CEO and Founder of Ecosulis.

We created and delivered a launch strategy package that consisted of visual brand development, the development and design of a strategic micro-website, website copy, and a press release. The strategy was centred around moving the positioning from scientific deep tech towards a more commercial, market-ready product. 

It was decided that while the system was still evolving the primary target audience should be investors. Then, when the team were ready, they could expand their targeting to other key stakeholders. Nevertheless, EV performed research on and created content for all the potential audiences so CreditNature could be quickly scaled when the time was right. 

Based on the audience pain points we discovered, we created a positioning for CreditNature that was intricately balanced. It combined the aspirational ethos of a nature positive offering with the grounded-ness of financial institutions. The aim; to evoke trust, credibility, and assurance. This was a highly important balance to strike in the financial sector, especially when dealing with digital markets.  

"Mobilising high impact nature recovery investments”

“Creating social and financial value by scaling nature’s recovery”

We achieved this in practice by creating a clear, bold, and unadorned tone of voice. The language was then rooted in concepts of evidence and data, while still using benefit-led messaging to remain accessible to a wide audience. 

For our design strategy, the CreditNature brand was carefully constructed to feel well-established and communicate a feeling of trustworthiness, whilst also including elements of modernity to reiterate the innovative solution.  

“We were on board with the brand EV created as soon as we saw it,” Cain tells us. “It captures the different aspects of our offering and positioning, giving our start-up business credibility in a competitive marketplace, while still getting across the essence of our cutting-edge approach.”

// The future

Ready to accelerate.

CreditNature now has a strategic framework which will allow Ecosulis to keep developing their offering and their marketing efforts. EV have provided a wealth of research and messaging around several other audiences, so Ecosulis have the tools to scale their website and other materials once they have achieved their goals with their current investment targets.   

“EV went above and beyond to thoroughly research all of our target markets and audiences and then dissect how we were currently talking about our solution,” Cain says. “Their work really challenged us to refine our messaging, and helped us evolve the business strategy for our offering.”   

Read the Ecosulis case study here. 

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