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DataShapa: showcasing trusted intelligence with a long-term strategy in mind 


Founded in 2016, DataShapa’s range of consulting services deliver a suite of digital transformation, data analytics and Business Intelligence projects across a wealth of industries.  

With in-house experts covering a breadth of tools, processes and platforms, the team are passionate about empowering clients to leverage their data. In doing so, they can reach strategic insights and offer supportive or fully managed services against a value-led methodology. 


Showcasing digital excellence as data partners.

In a fiercely competitive landscape and while experiencing inclining internal growth, DataShapa wanted to stand out as the nationwide innovator they were. In pursuit of this, they recognised that having a long-term marketing strategy was extremely important, which led them to us.  

Through our involvement, we coordinated a full strategic implementation complete with a high-level rebrand and website project, as well as numerous lead-generation campaigns and supporting SEO content.  

All of these components were designed to accurately showcase the company’s digital excellence, and allow them to stand out and compete against other market leaders when winning projects.  

“We approached EV to help build a market stance that demonstrated our experience, capability, and confidence. With our previous experience of marketing, we really valued the importance of a strategic overview – and this blueprint has enabled us to attract more interest while creating an image that we’re proud to represent.”

Alister Jones, DataShapa’s managing director

The objectives: 

  • To create a brand that can firmly position DataShapa against larger consultancies
  • To generate a scalable strategy that integrates content, design, and social media delivery
  • To evolve and develop a custom methodology that effectively communicates their framework
  • To strategically support go-to-market launches of new products and services with an aligned marketing approach

As Alister states: 

“It was immediately clear to us that EV was the right choice. Their methodical approach ensured that all activity was aligned and purposeful – which is really important to me.” 


Gaining the insight needed. 

Our primary objective was to complete a company and market-spanning audit to accurately understand the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and accurately realign and position their brand. 

After completing this stage, it became clear that DataShapa’s entire brand presentation needed to become stronger and more confident to effectively communicate their wide range of services. With this in mind, we went on to create an integrated strategy, full rebrand, and implementation plan to demonstrate their market proficiency. 


Solidifying a strong and strategic brand. 

We wanted the updated DataShapa brand to convey strength, confidence, and capability – and so our design team conducted a full rebrand to reflect this, delivering a suite of creative digital assets and ongoing design support to ensure consistent and high-quality implementation long-term. To support their new positioning and brand, we also updated their website, prioritising a more compelling product messaging and presentation, more streamlined navigation, and SEO optimisation. 

With a long-term view in mind, we also created an engaging social media and content strategy to support lead nurturing, lead generation, and brand building. These were designed to portray DataShapa’s industry excellence and build their thought leadership position, aligned with their new strategic image of ‘Trusted Intelligence’. Tailored for their target audience, this activity worked to boost organic search traffic to the site and boost audience engagement. 

“EV’s strategic approach was one that we identified with. Each step was designed to add value to our brand, reaching new prospects – all while being communicative and open about processes.”

As DataShapa continued to grow, we have adapted their messaging to reflect this – promoting new core services, targeting a growing list of sectors, and capitalising on our industry thought leadership position with new streams of content – such as a monthly review of application updates and more. 

What we delivered: 

  • Internal company audits and qualitative stakeholder research  
  • An end-to-end rebrand, including brand image and messaging  
  • Website design and development  
  • A strategic SEO and market-led content plan 
  • A campaign-led marketing strategy and activity plan  
  • Full-service marketing management, delivery and implementation 


Realising measurable results 

Possessing stronger representation, an optimised site, high-quality digital assets and topical content – all delivered within a strategic long-term plan –  DataShapa’s brand now reflects and reinforces their position as leaders for a reputable market presence. EV’s strategic marketing implementation has instilled faith in their services for current clients, and successfully attracted new prospects through ongoing campaign activity that leverages this high-quality brand against improved audience engagement.  

Alister goes on to say: 

“With a refined and enhanced brand image in place alongside a new site, we’re now well-positioned to showcase our expertise and confidence against our key competitors.” 


Supporting strategy with focused delivery. 

Equipped with our long-term scalable strategy, DataShapa is fully capable of rapidly scaling its services, offerings, and products without sacrificing market position or share-of-voice. 

After months of delivering positive results, we are proud to continue working as DataShapa’s trusted partner and look forward to what the future of this dynamic relationship holds – as Alister discusses: 

“EV have always been engaged and responsive, and their agile team fits well with our needs. As we look to the future, we have many more projects to deliver, and will continue to develop our partnership with EV.” 

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