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Becoming a key part of EarSwitch™’s funding strategy.


EarSwitch™ is a clinician-founded company transforming how we monitor and diagnose health through in-ear innovation. Its vision is to become the leading IP supplier of in-ear biometric control and sensor technology, supporting an ever-increasing range of global applications.


EarSwitch™ knew that in order to engage investors and licensees, it needed to communicate its vision for the future of healthcare effectively. However, while its team had many areas of expertise, from software engineering to mechatronics, marketing wasn’t one of them.

What’s more, having watched other early-stage companies leave marketing as an afterthought and struggle to secure funding, EarSwitch™ wanted to do things differently.

The team decided to outsource their marketing, and in 2022, chose us at EV. For EarSwitch™, it was our expertise in helping tech companies define, communicate, and evolve their brands that stood out.

“When we’ve been raising money and getting grants, we’ve had the chance to build our partnership with EV into that. It’s not just having the chance, though; we’ve also made that choice. We think the work EV do is really important.”

- Nick Gompertz, Founder and CEO

The solution.

What we’ve delivered:

  • Integrated brand, marketing, and commercial strategy
  • End-to-end branding
  • In-depth audience and investor research

What we continue to deliver:

  • Content strategy
  • Website management
  • Social media management
  • Award submissions

Creating a cohesive brand.

When EV began working with EarSwitch™, there was a lot of inconsistency in its messaging, design, and overall marketing focus. To engage and excite investors, and eventually licensees, our priority was to create a cohesive brand.

This kickstarted our marketing partnership. We began by conducting in-depth research into EarSwitch™’s target audiences and investors, designing a visually engaging brand, and updating its website with compelling content.

As EarSwitch™ grows, its commercial strategy continues to evolve. Being its outsourced marketing partner, this often means adjusting our marketing activity to align with the changes, without being solely reactive.

It also means searching for opportunities to evolve the brand further – from creating award submissions to doing press outreach – to make sure that they continue to attract investors’ interest.

Making complex tech accessible.

With EarSwitch™’s IP able to be integrated into almost any in-ear device, we needed to create messaging that could convey its limitless potential.

To do so, we created a content strategy that turns complex technical concepts into easily readable webpages, blogs, and social media content. With the healthcare sector being heavily regulated, we’ve also worked closely to develop a style of writing that is nuanced and considered, but unwavering in its vision.

Our content also needs to feel aspirational and values-driven, rather than too product-focused, to establish EarSwitch™’s place in its target markets. As such, we continue to create content that positions the brand as a thought leader, most notably within the inclusive healthcare and medtech spaces.

“EV has found a really happy place for us. Yes, we’re still talking about complex technology and telling medical stories, but we’ve also grown to be a consumer-facing brand. I think it’s been achieved really well.”

- Garry Pratt, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer


Our partnership with EarSwitch™ has resulted in a brand that attracts a lot of positive anecdotal feedback. While Nick and the team focus on developing their IP offering, we continue to insert their voices into the right conversations and ultimately increase brand visibility.

Our partnership with EarSwitch™ is now built into its funding strategies. The team recognises the importance of our marketing partnership for communicating with investors and licensees, and now seeks funding that ensures it continues in the long term. As EarSwitch™ scales up further, we’ll be part of its journey!

“The way we present EarSwitch™ is something I couldn’t have imagined. We started with bootstrap marketing – where I designed my own logo – and now have a brand that the entire team is proud of. It’s fantastic.”

– Nick Gompertz, Founder and CEO

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