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Ecosulis: Creating a global strategy to accelerate rewilding 


Ecosulis are ecological experts with over 30 years’ scientific and practical experience in the sector. They specialise in technology-empowered nature restoration and commercially viable rewilding for people, planet and progress.  

// The Challenge

Scaling sustainably.

Ecosulis wanted to grow their business. With an ambition to make an impact on nature and society at a larger scale, they needed to expand their business outside of the UK to support this roadmap.  

“We wanted marketing to help us move into our next stage of growth. Our brand needed updating to feel more modern, as well as to reflect why we’re so committed to what we do, and we hoped to reposition our services to appeal to a wider audience,” Cain Blythe, Founder and CEO of Ecosulis explains. 


Creating a high-impact brand with authenticity.

Ecosulis didn’t have the brand image to achieve their global purpose. We wanted to change this, drawing out what makes them different and giving them a high impact rebrand, web build, and complete strategic repositioning. 

We identified two key differentiators that weren’t currently being highlighted in the audit stage that would steer the direction of Ecosulis’ new brand strategy. Firstly, they invested largely into cutting-edge technologies in their approach to nature recovery. This became a focus when creating their more global strategy; we moved them away from their original positioning as a UK consultancy to more clearly encompass their unique combination of practicality, creative problem-solving, and innovation. 

"EV understood the importance of what we wanted to achieve as a company and turned our big picture ambitions into a reality with the brand and marketing strategy they created,” Cain says. “They took our vision, our purpose and our offerings and made them compelling at an international level.”

Another area we wanted to highlight was the aspirational and optimistic ethos that motivates all of Ecosulis’ work. This sits at the heart of the team’s work and values, as well as rewilding as a practice, and it was extremely important to us that this was a leading element in all elements of the brand. Overall, we wanted to tell an emotive story which could convey their purpose and the outcomes of their work, rather than taking a feature-led approach. 

Epitomising this narrative was their new value proposition; “Accelerating Global Rewilding” and their brand essence; “Recoverable Earth”. 

"EV is unique in that they go above and beyond to support their customers. They connected Ecosulis to a number of other market leading technology partners who we have now formed strong commercial relationships, such as 4EI,” Cain explains. “I would recommend EV to any technology-oriented scale-up who are looking to expand their presence and scale.”

We worked with Ecosulis to implement these strategies across all touchpoints, including a content strategy, social media strategy, and lead generation campaigns.  

A large part of this involved understanding the audience and finding the best ways to get in front of them. We helped to research and refine Ecosulis’ audiences, using targeted web pages, bespoke messaging and service and sector-specific campaigns to engage people based on their pain points. In addition, we helped the team build a wider ecosystem of connections, establishing a network through partner marketing, targeted messaging, and personal brand building on social media.  

What we delivered: 

  • Integrated brand, marketing, and commercial strategy 
  • End-to-end rebrand 
  • Bespoke website design and development 
  • Targeted campaigns  
  • In-depth audience research 
  • Thought leadership content strategy 
  • Full-service marketing management and implementation 

//The Future

Continuing to empower nature recovery  

EV were also involved in forming the marketing strategy for a new ESG product from Ecosulis, supporting with market and audience research, and creating content and campaigns surrounding this launch.  

Ecosulis’ separate venture, CreditNature, also became a client during our partnership. To support the launch of this innovative platform, we provided strategic support over several months and built a complete brand from scratch, including design, web build, and web content, that would echo Ecosulis but also represent a strong independent company. 

Read the CreditNature case study here. 

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