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LGfL: Creating a custom HubSpot solution 


LGfL is a Charitable Trust whose mission is the advancement of education. Digital transformation is a key focus of their services and reinvestment into education. LGfL provides safe, filtered and fast broadband to schools and Multi Academy Trust across the UK. Schools and MATs are able to save thousands of pounds with the value-added bundle of software that LGfL includes with their broadband package.   

// The Challenge

Bringing together disparate processes.

LGfL approached us in 2020 to help them enhance their Marketing Automation capabilities, and to replace their existing CRM platform with HubSpot. 

The objectives were threefold: 

1. Sales 

An independent consultant, Paul Kunka, who worked alongside EV to deliver the project explains that; “LGfL needed a better way to manage incoming leads. There are lots of different buyers in the education market, all of which need a different strategy for approaching, and schools generally have a long decision-making process. This made it challenging for the sales team to maintain visibility of lead status and keep up momentum when engaging contacts.” 

HubSpot could provide forms to capture requirements, pipelines to manage leads and workflow automation to streamline processes. The implementation of HubSpot has improved visibility of the sales pipeline and provides useful prompts to sales teams to maintain engagement with their leads. EV provided support and advice to internal resource to configure HubSpot to manage deal pipelines. 

2. Service 

The LGfL team also wanted to streamline and enhance their service workflows. 

“LGfL has many services that schools request, but the process for tracking these services was very manual, using spreadsheets and email,” Paul says. “A tool like HubSpot could digitise this process to ensure all customer requests were dealt with responsively.” 

With EV working closely alongside internal resources to build the required forms and pipelines, the majority of LGfL’s main service requests are now processed within HubSpot. This structured the request process and enabled better reporting and management of request volumes through to completion. 

3. Marketing

Paul tells us that “another area we wanted HubSpot for was marketing automation. LGfL used to use mail merge for marketing, and it would take days to get an email out.” 

Marketing automation with HubSpot has reduced this process to minutes. After initially contacting HubSpot, EV were referred as an official partner to manage the end-to-end process of setting this capability up. 


Creatively solving key challenges.

This promised to be a complex project as the national organisation had a huge variety of services. Many of their processes were performed manually, so EV needed to kickstart the journey to build solutions from the ground up.  

We quickly discovered that HubSpot wasn’t a direct fit for all LGfL’s diverse business needs. So, to meet each of their objectives, we needed to find creative solutions that fell outside of the usual HubSpot process. 

Our team started by thoroughly mapping LGfL’s key challenges against what was possible within HubSpot, then identifying the gaps. From here, we created a bespoke onboarding structure for their project.  

Paul continues: “EV broadened the possibilities for what LGfL could achieve with HubSpot. Their industry knowledge has been really useful, especially for a business that started with very little in terms of automation.” 

We managed the implementation from start to finish. First, we identified the existing HubSpot packages that were needed, then, we found custom development solutions to meet any missing capabilities. After implementation, our team worked closely with LGfL on onboarding and training, supporting each department to understand how they could best benefit from the solution.  

“EV provided the expertise and skills in HubSpot needed to kickstart this programme. Aby acted as a mentor for the project team, providing guidance on best practice and upskilling everyone in the team on HubSpot”

Paul Kunka - Independant consultant


Digitising complex service processes.

We successfully delivered a unique solution which brings together LGfL’s cross-disciplined teams and flexibly incorporates industry standard third-party systems. It now represents a truly unified digital platform. 

Operations Hub and CMS hub were two core solutions that we integrated into their HubSpot suite.  

Within Operations Hub, we built complex service and delivery pipelines for multiple products. This involved tracking service workflows, data, and actions as they crossed between departments. Additionally, deal automation pipelines were developed to trigger different systems within these workflows. 

“Aby and the team would always sort out any challenges as soon as we raised them,” Paul says. “Working with a partner that is respected by HubSpot and has a good relationship with them has been so helpful. This is why, even though LGfL could manage the solution themselves, it is ideal to continue to work with EV. They just get things done.” 

CMS Hub also provides LGfL with a custom accessible savings calculator. This tool in particular leverages CRM data about existing customers in a way that wasn’t possible before and is also a valuable lead generation tool for new customers.  


One source of truth.

LGfL’s HubSpot solution allows the organisation to manage previously disparate and manual processes through one connected platform. With greater visibility and control across sales, marketing, and service, the organisation benefits from more secured and streamlined systems. 

Paul concludes that “with the use of HubSpot, the team has seen increased leads and conversions. HubSpot has also been pivotal in expanding LGfL’s previously London-based marketing campaigns to a national level.”


Ongoing support.

EV had an ongoing support agreement with LGfL for almost two years, providing strategic support and managing key operational processes. Throughout our relationship, we readily and regularly evolved their solution, working with LGfL to manage unique developmental solutions for new challenges or business processes.  

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