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Riskaware: Supporting product sales with targeted lead gen campaigns.


Riskaware are experts in incident modelling solutions, working with organisations and government agencies worldwide to help them respond to important challenges. With over 20 years’ experience working with global government departments and science-led R&D partners, Riskaware provide organisations with the intelligence necessary to safeguard lives and protect environments globally. 


Increasing Product Sales.

Riskaware had recently introduced a new product strategy and were evolving their suite of solutions to match. Their latest product, MarineAware Operations, was purpose-built as an off-the-shelf solution for salvage and wreck use cases. 

They wanted to focus on lead generation, increasing awareness, and building relationships to support the launch process. Riskaware tasked EV to create a marketing plan to support this goal, while considering several challenges. The team was time poor, the budget would initially be small then assessed based on ROI, and there was no existing database of prospects.  



The objectives:

  • Launch a lead generation campaign 
  • Gain 4 SQLs (measured by new leads)
  • Target the full decision-making unit 
  • Support the annual sales target for the MarineAware platform 


Integrated omnichannel lead generation.

EV created three end-to-end awareness, engagement and conversion campaigns, promoted by considered ad spend. The plan was designed around a detailed funnel workflow to guide prospects from initial engagement to qualification and sales enablement. 

// Campaign Workflow

After exploring several options, such as sponsored publication content and partnerships, we chose LinkedIn as our primary campaign channel. This channel was ideal for a B2B lead generation campaign, allowing us to thoroughly research our sector, build a comprehensive audience, and get directly in front of the right decision-makers. 

Additionally, because this was a first campaign, we wanted the greater control over parameters, performance monitoring and adaptability LinkedIn allowed so we could continuously respond to analysis. 

Campaign Automation 

Using LinkedIn Campaign Manager and HubSpot, we built automated workflows and email follow-ups that included additional nurture content. The aim of this activity was to not only alleviate the resource burden for the already busy Riskaware team, but to provide prospects with additional value, keep leads warm, and build brand authority with the audience. 


Iteration and Optimisation 

A/B testing was a critical element of this campaign as we learned about this new audience. Creating a total of 25 different ads, with varied messaging, design styles, and CTAs, allowed us to analyse what audiences responded to most. This data was used to adjust the spend behind different ads throughout the campaign and improve all assets for a second launch concentrating on a more targeted audience. 


Omnichannel marketing 

With a small budget to work with, we took advantage of omnichannel marketing opportunities to optimise the campaign. We leveraged organic and in-person marketing surrounding Riskaware’s attendance as an exhibitor at the Salvage and Wreck Conference, a prominent industry event, with our digital campaign to boost awareness, audience engagement, and reach. On top of this, we re-promoted existing SEO blogs focused on related keywords which helped increase impressions. 

Some of this additional marketing support included designed product sheet material, a presentation deck, consistent organic social activity (delivered by both the company’s page and the team’s personal profiles) and thought leadership blogs about the event. 


What we delivered:

  • Integrated digital marketing strategy  
  • Buyer journey workflows 
  • Automated email workflows 
  • Comprehensive audience build & targeting  
  • 3 campaigns  
  • 25 promoted LinkedIn Ads 
  • 1 sponsored social post 
  • 3 landing pages 
  • 7 emails 
  • 16 organic social posts  
  • 1 product sheet PDF 
  • A/B testing
  • Performance monitoring


Exceeding expectations.

The campaign was an instant success – gaining almost 20x the target number of SQLs within a week.

This was split as 11 free trial requests, 11 demo requests, and 57 product sheet downloads. The product sheet download ads were continued due to their high conversion rates while the other ads and resulting workflows were adjusted to optimise audience engagement. 

This campaign will be reiterated in future with more focused target audiences and additional supporting activity based on lessons learned. 

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