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Increasing OSL’s search traffic by almost 300%.


Having successfully completed a brand and site revamp, systems integrator OSL was ready to capitalise on its new branding, aiming to increase overall industry presence, visibility, and organic site traffic – all while elevating its stance as thought leaders in the process. 

As our partnership with OSL had already been going for more than a year, EV was the natural choice to help achieve these new objectives. With a tailored approach to content, and a bespoke strategy designed to meet these goals, we set out to help the OSL team grow as they embarked in this new direction.  

The objectives: 

  • Increase sector-specific conversions 
  • Drive relevant traffic to the OSL site 
  • Boost OSL’s stance as global thought leaders 
  • Increase OSL’s visibility and reputation in global markets


Before we could grow OSL’s market position and increase search traffic, we had to consider which readers we were trying to attract.  

Raising awareness of the OSL brand meant engaging a diverse range of sectors and audiences – all widely relevant. With buyers in stadium security, prisons, government defence, airports, and sites of critical national infrastructure, creating accessible but relevant content was a core challenge.  

What’s more, having assessed the performance of previous content delivered in our partnership, we found that the level of awareness surrounding OSL’s core offering – advanced drone detection solutions – varied greatly. What one buyer might be firmly aware of may be completely different to the needs and experience of another buyer.  

So how to cater to them all? All while increasing organic traffic? 

It was a question that led us to completely revisit how we developed targeted content – creating a persona-driven strategy that emphasised engagement and relevance. We knew that these factors would be more than important for achieving our objectives, so they became  the core of our marketing activity.  


To understand how best to tailor our content to OSL’s varied audience, we worked with the team to create detailed guidelines for each key persona. This involved researching and answering a wide range of questions, including:  

  • What are the biggest challenges facing this reader? 
  • What is their current level of understanding? 
  • What would the next step be to guide this persona to a conversation?  
  • How does this persona usually like to engage with content and sales? 
  • What are the common questions that these personas have asked in the past?  

Only once these questions were answered did we begin to create a targeted content strategy. 

A targeted approach to content.

This meant creating an 80:20 split of content with accessible language, to more technical and specialised pieces. By targeting a unique sector with each piece and following this ratio, we were able to appeal to the needs and challenges of unique buyers, directing them to the most relevant next stage for future marketing activity. 

Enhancing OSL’s stance as global leaders.

Alongside creating a tailored content strategy to appeal to a diverse range of sectors, elevating OSL’s stance as a global leader was also a key objective.  

To achieve this, we reached out to some of OSL’s previous clients, alongside several members of the internal team, to create case studies and interview pieces. These assets showcase their trusted capabilities and specialist expertise. 

Promoting these pieces on LinkedIn also raised visibility for further brand awareness. We then combined regular posting with designed assets to provide high-quality insights on the latest news and regulation.  

This marketing activity conveyed the image of a specialist confidently leading the drone detection conversation. For any prospects interested in discussing a solution with OSL, this reputation as a trusted leader is critical. 

What we delivered:

  • Varied and strategic content marketing that catered to a wide range of sectors 
  • A fully revised marketing strategy, complete with regular check-ins to ensure alignment 
  • Detailed reporting to continuously assess performance against objectives 
  • Outreach for potential case studies and internal interviews 
  • High-quality social media marketing to raise brand awareness 
  • Regular engagement with trending industry news and discussions 

Our impact in numbers: 

Total traffic increased by 192% 

Search traffic increased by 278% 

Organic social traffic increased by 484% 

Referral traffic increased by 211% 


We compared traffic performance in 2023 against performance in 2022 to dive into how effective our marketing efforts and strategy was. In this time, we saw new visitors to the site increase by almost 200%, with site traffic rising in every channel. More importantly, new users visiting OSL’s site through search engine enquiries after discovering this content rose by 278%! 

Our ongoing involvement with OSL is a testament to the understanding and trust that we’ve cultivated, underscoring the effectiveness and impact of the marketing activities we’ve delivered on its behalf.  

Looking to the future, we’re as committed as ever to delivering innovative strategies, measurable results, and a shared vision for achieving marketing excellence together. 

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