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Oxbotica: Universal Autonomy

Oxbotica is a world-leading autonomous vehicle technology company, building software for real-world application.

Branding that matched business potential.

Oxbotica had an impressively innovate deep tech offering. Their ‘Universal Autonomy’ strapline epitomised their delivery of autonomy anytime, anywhere, for the benefit of society. We wanted a brand as strong as our messaging.

The visual brand was tech-led and impactful, designed to springboard their strategic branding to international heights. In the logo you’ll find an infinite loop and bespoke typography suited to the disruptive nature of their offering.



  • Full strategic brand audit
  • Brand workshops
  • Design strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand delivery
  • Brand implementation
  • Website design & development
  • Ongoing design support

“UNIVERSAL AUTONOMY as our value proposition was a stroke of genius”

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