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Being distinct from global giants.


Oxbotica is a world-leading autonomous vehicle technology company, building software for real-world application in multiple sectors, including automotive, mining and beyond. Drawing on principles of physics, robotics, maths and AI, along with a dedicated team to perfect their technology, Oxbotica is bringing the benefits of autonomy to businesses globally.

// The Challenge

Oxbotica operate in a marketplace dominated by huge multinationals with billions of dollars’ worth of backing. That made differentiating their offering sufficiently – in order to stand out in the crowd – the key challenge from the outset. And in the absence of an internal marketing infrastructure, Oxbotica needed an agency to fill the void.

Our technology marketing heritage helped to reassure Oxbotica that creating marketing and brand strategies along with a bespoke and globally scalable positioning was possible in a short space of time. As Kevin Allington, the company’s COO, explains, “We needed an outsourced marketing team that was capable of communicating the nuances of our tech in a commercially friendly way. Their track record of marketing scale-up companies in the tech space spoke for itself, and their strategic approach made us confident they could do the same for us.”

Ultimately, it was this specialist insight, along with our multidisciplinary team, that swayed Kevin and the rest of Oxbotica’s leadership team, despite stiff competition from several global marketing agencies. “Their pitch really stood out because it felt like they really understood our marketing pain points.”

Kevin continues,

“The team’s strategic perspective is industry-leading and the strength of their portfolio work gave us real confidence in their ability to deliver.”

// The Solution

Universal autonomy.

Because of Oxbotica’s growth trajectory, we had to work swiftly to establish an authentic brand strategy. “No one in the autonomy space possesses technology that’s as robust and agile as ours,” says Oxbotica’s VP of Commercial, Richard Jinks. “But as a software provider, rather than an OEM, collaboration with industry peers is at the heart of our business model and it was important that our brand reflected that.

“So, from that point of view, choosing ‘Universal Autonomy’ as our value proposition was a stroke of genius. In two words, it gets everything we’re about across: building autonomy that can be deployed at any time, in any vehicle and in any environment. That means we’re open to any industry or company looking to invest in autonomy, and that society can reap the benefits of this incredible technology sooner.”

// The Future

Springboarding into international markets.

Reports in the international media would later reaffirm the key differentiators of “Universal Autonomy” in their coverage of Oxbotica, outlining them as potential collaborators with Silicon Valley giants, as opposed to competitors.

But Universal Autonomy hasn’t only been outwardly beneficial, as Kevin explains: “The positioning has been adopted by the whole organisation because everyone understands how it enables us to springboard into international markets and take us to new heights. We’ve been able to clearly communicate the company’s ultimate goal: to solve the autonomy problem. The impact that’s had on the team is massive.”

Becoming a key market player.

The essential nature of Oxbotica’s tech hasn’t changed, but the specialist technology marketing insight that we have provided has allowed Oxbotica to communicate their new positioning effectively across numerous channels, garnering hugely significant results.

“Because of the partnership, we now have the power to grow from our solid foundations and into multiple global commercial markets. We thank the rest of the team for providing us with the platform we needed to position ourselves as a key player within our industry,” Kevin concludes.

"UNIVERSAL AUTONOMY as our value proposition was a stroke of genius – in two words it gets everything we're about across."

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