RefYouMe - EV

A pro bono project close to our hearts.

RefYouMe: Make a difference

RefYouMe is a volunteering and fundraising community, supporting refugees in Calais and Dunkirk.

Creating an emotive presence for a community group with a mission.

As part of B Corp, we have pledged to commit 5% of our total available hours to supporting charities and community groups in any way that we can, whether that be on the ground volunteering or, in this case, delivering a full branding, website and social media package.

We were delighted to be able to support RefYouMe with this project. It’s an initiative that’s particularly close to our hearts, co-founded by our very own CEO, Tanya Estrella. The brief was clear: create an impactful brand that would allow RefYouMe to build an online presence, raise awareness about the issues they care about and maximise their impact. With support from the team at X for Why, we were able to achieve this.


  • Brand workshop
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand delivery
  • Brand implementation
  • Website support
  • Social media

RefYouMe has a no-nonsense mission.

RefYouMe has a no-nonsense mission. They state: ‘There is no them and us, no here and there. ‘They’ are not a faceless headline. They are people.’ To reflect this powerful message, we developed a bold typographic logo which incorporated an ‘=’ to reinforce that message that ‘THEY are US’.

We adapted the ‘=’ ident from the logo to become a prominent component of RefYouMe’s brand identity by integrating it with imagery and utlising it in bold colour to help their message to stand out and gain traction across their touchpoints.

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