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Riskaware: Creating an evergreen brand for scale.


Riskaware are experts in incident modelling solutions, working with organisations and government agencies worldwide to help them respond to important challenges. With over 20 years’ experience working with global government departments and science-led R&D partners, Riskaware provide organisations with the intelligence necessary to safeguard lives and protect environments globally.


After many years in the game, Riskaware’s growth had surpassed their brand. As they developed their software range and overall offering, the company’s surrounding image and messaging became outdated. They needed a fresh brand that was representative of their new and still-expanding market position.

Business Development Director and Riskaware co-founder, Robert Gordon says, “We had been focusing on driving our technology for years and during this time we hadn’t made marketing a priority. The brand and our market strategy no longer matched what we were doing and the level of expertise we had risen to.”



The objectives:

  • To productise and package their technical skills
  • To establish a long-term brand and marketing strategy
  • To accurately and impactfully depict their wealth of experience and diverse offering
  • To create a brand that had the flexibility, endurance and robustness to scale alongside their evolving technology platforms

Robert continues,

“We knew EV were the right match right away. We loved their work, shared the same values for positive innovative technology, and felt we could work well as a close-knit team.”


Doing the groundwork.

We first analysed this company from both an internal and external perspective. This required in-depth research to understand Riskaware’s role in a multitude of completed and ongoing projects, alongside evaluating their current audience perception and positioning within a number of different markets.

From this, the problem became clear. Riskaware’s diverse activity was being communicated and performed separately, making it difficult for their market to see the big picture of their achievements.


Distilling Riskaware.

The marketing strategy was designed to create a cohesive and comprehensive brand that clearly represented the many domains of Riskaware’s work through a single platform. Our goals were to support future development and drive sales across all products. This required an end-to-end refresh of their brand image, product strategies, website and surrounding collateral.

We created an integrated approach – aligning campaign communication, design, thought leadership, and business strategy – that distilled Riskaware’s messaging and activity. By defining four key pillars, which were aligned under one primary offering, EV established clarity that emphasised the importance, vastness and expertise of Riskaware’s work.

“EV wholly understood the heart of who we were and what we did. They were able to reiterate that to our audience in a succinct way by defining our core domains and packaging our product range accordingly,” Robert explains. “This has been so valuable for the entire team, providing us with a clear focus and clarity in our work. Every area of the business now has direction, including sales, product development and business growth.”

We wanted the brand image to showcase Riskaware’s skill, range and innovation. Under the core brand, each pillar was given a tailored logo and appearance to distinguish the product areas with their own purpose. This, alongside an intuitive website, gave Riskaware the flexibility they needed to support their scaling platform and seamlessly integrate new products or domains in the future.


What we delivered.

  • In-depth external and internal research, plus company audits
  • An integrated marketing, sales, brand and product strategy
  • A defined product platform
  • An end-to-end rebrand
  • Website design and development
  • A strategic SEO and market-led content plan
  • Full-service marketing management and implementation



Delivering immediate impact.

Riskaware now has a unique and representative brand which stands out in the market, resulting in more direct leads and greater online engagement.

“It was clear from the outset EV were going to make a big impact. Their collaborative and flexible approach meant that they were soon accepted as part of the internal Riskaware team.” 

Rob continues, “We’ve seen a huge increase in direct enquires and tangible interest in the business, from both existing and potential clients. This has resulted in business growth and diversification opportunities that wouldn’t have happened without EV’s input.”


Supporting strategy with focused delivery.

We provide adaptable marketing and business support, which has helped Riskaware deliver new product developments and campaigns, pursue new market opportunities and scale their brand. After months of positive results, we have increased our activity and developed into an integrated marketing team.

“We are looking forward to continuing on this journey with EV in the future, and have many plans in motion already. With a solid and established foundation, we’re looking ahead and planning to deliver new exciting campaigns as a team,” Rob concludes.

"EV wholly understood the heart of who we were and what we did. They were able to reiterate that to our audience in a succinct way by defining our core domains and packaging our product range accordingly."

Robert Gordon - Co Founder

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