Trailight - Lead Generation Case Study | EV

Achieving 90 MQLs for Trailight.


Trailight is an individual regulatory compliance platform, empowering transparency across companies globally. Behind their 30 years of conduct risk and compliance technology expertise is a multidisciplinary team of over 50 practitioners based across the UK. 


Defining Trailight’s value with global impact.

Trailight approached us with ambitions to grow their customer base, revenue and staff. They were ready to kickstart their global expansion and wanted a marketing team to provide a defined value and solution proposition which could take them on this journey. 

David CEO at Trailight states: “We engaged EV to help us strengthen our brand before we launched our new global product. Our aim was to increase our visibility in the market and ensure we had simple, and universal, messaging that would remain impactful across a number of regions.” 

The objectives: 

  • To create a defined global strategy and messaging  
  • To increase brand awareness and visibility 
  • To enable regional sales and product launch 

“EV’s campaign work has been a great success. They continually refreshed their work to get the best results and to meet the quickly changing market demands. Their reactive efforts have led to several exciting meetings with companies from our target list.”

David McNair Scott, CEO at Trailight


A value-led proposition and messaging.

The core differentiators we identified were their human-centric approach and the unique regulatory focus of their purpose-built compliance solution. 

This was translated into a stand-out proposition that the company could own and develop upon: “Individual Regulatory Compliance”. Making sure this was something Trailight could use as an infrastructure for global growth, we expanded their proposition into a complete positioning model. This would be the basis for our core marketing messaging moving forwards and clearly showcases Trailight’s unique approach in their market. 

To support the strength of this new market positioning, we focused on creating high-value marketing assets which could be used to establish their brand worldwide and drive leads. This included branding elevation along with the delivery of essential company assets, expert thought leadership content, and targeted digital campaigns.  

In everything we delivered, building their reputation as a trusted and transparent expert was essential. 

“The amount of attention we’re getting from competitors, finance companies, and asset managers has markedly increased after the shift with EV and all the activity we’re creating with them. From a brand awareness perspective, we are now spot on.” 


Alongside consistent brand building and thought leadership activity, we ran several reactive regional campaigns centred around recent regulatory updates.  

We used strong lead magnets to engage audiences, designed to capture warm leads, nurture a funnel of prospects, and ultimately convert them into a one-to-one meeting. Our focus was to provide practical value – a trait which was fundamental in the brand strategy we created. 

Each campaign was designed to run over several months so that we could test, analyse and optimise the results as we learned.  


Campaign 1 & 2: Building regional awareness.

For our first regional campaign, we ran a multi-channel digital campaign using optimised design, targeted audience messaging, and a ‘less is more’ approach that highlighted the urgency of the topic. After extensive A/B testing, we then ran a retargeting campaign focused on the most successful assets. 

Campaign 3 & 4 & 5: Leveraging market updates.

Our next regional campaign used these learnings to optimise campaign performance from the beginning. We kept the resources highly relevant, succinct and aligned throughout the prospect’s journey – from the first ad touchpoint to the final follow-up email. 

A pivotal regulatory announcement then became the focus of our fourth campaign. We re-promoted our main lead magnet after making relevant updates about the market’s latest challenge. This was targeted at prospects that had engaged in the previous campaigns and website – a warm audience we knew would be more likely to convert. 


Over several months, our marketing activity resulted in a total of 90 leads, including leading organisations in the industry and companies on Trailight’s ‘wish list’. Plus, Trailight has seen a noticeable improvement in brand recognition and reputation amongst their market. 

5 campaigns, regularly optimised: 

  • 5 audience databases
  • 3 bespoke brochures 
  • 2 bespoke landing pages 
  • 18 ads 
  • 2 website pillar pages 
  • 2 follow-up emails 
  • 2 LinkedIn forms  

90 Qualified Leads. 

5 meetings booked so far.


Continued global growth.

We are performing more regional campaigns and product campaigns for Trailight alongside blog, infographic and video content to continue building their brand recognition. 

Our relationship with the Trailight team has been fantastically collaborative, always collectively building ideas and sharing successes. 

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