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Encapsulating a bold, high-speed proposition.

Brytlyt: Speed of thought analytics

Brytlyt is a serverless GPU accelerated database, analytics and visualisation platform with embedded AI capabilities.

Encapsulating a bold, high-speed proposition.

To live up to Brytlyt’s new proposition of ‘speed of thought analytics’ and ambitious commercial goals, we wanted to deliver a strategic brand evolution that gave them a powerful, dynamic, and innovative ‘big brand’ feel.

Our design process with Brytlyt was deeply collaborative to ensure the final brand embodied their transformative tenacity. The logo ultimately epitomised the dynamic forward momentum of their core proposition; the icon representing two bold, connected beams of light.

The brand is highly scalable by design. It simply gets across the essence of Brytlyt making it the perfect visual to be implemented at impact across our website design and build work, as well as extensively being used for digital marketing. Brytlyt now has an established brand which they are taking global.


  • Full strategic brand audit
  • Brand workshops
  • Design strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand delivery
  • Brand implementation
  • Website design & development
  • Ongoing design support

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