Your digital marketing agency and you, an insider’s guide


The benefits of choosing a dedicated digital marketing agency can’t be overstated. These agencies can provide the experience, tools, resources and skillset needed to boost ROI, increase brand awareness, and cement your brand in the minds of potential prospects.  

This guide shows you how digital marketing agencies can benefit your business, answering some of the FAQs we get to make sure that you’re confident in your decision about whether to work with an agency.  

In a nutshell, these questions include: 

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What are the benefits of partnering with a digital marketing agency? 

By 2028, the global digital marketing agency industry is expected to reach $30,477.99 million. Predicted to grow year on year by 14% until then, there are plenty of reasons why more people are turning to an outsourced approach.  

Firstly, agencies are a great budget-friendly alternative to in-house marketing departments, especially for smaller businesses. Instead of bearing the hefty costs of building an in-house team, agencies offer a variety of skills at a fraction of the cost, with flexible packages to match. 

Estimates place the average cost of a small in-house marketing department, consisting of a copywriter, editor, strategist, and designer, at a total of £209,000. Compare that to the price of an outsourced approach, which combines a team of these roles under a single package, and the savings for a company can reach as high as £159,000. For start-ups that need to begin building a brand presence with limited resources, it’s easy to understand the appeal. 

Agencies also provide access to insights gained through decades of experience. Commonly formed from specialists across content marketing, design, SEO, digital services, and more, your digital marketing agency will implement strategies based on their diverse expertise and past learnings. They will be experienced in aligning these best practices to suit your brand’s goals and values.   

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What are some of the most popular digital marketing agency services? 

While not every digital marketing agency offers every digital marketing service, expect many of the most popular agencies to offer some of the following: 

  • Strategy services – providing comprehensive digital marketing strategies tailored to business goals, target audience, and industry landscape, ensuring cohesive and effective marketing efforts.  
  • Branding and design – which focuses on creating visually appealing and cohesive brand identities across various digital platforms, ensuring consistency and memorability. 
  • Content marketing – which takes advantage of blogs and gated content to attract prospects to your site. 
  • Social media marketing – that involves agencies managing social media profiles, crafting engaging content, and running targeted campaigns to increase brand awareness and engagement. 
  • Account-based marketing services – which involve deploying extremely personalised campaigns to target high-value accounts. 
  • Paid media management and PPC – where agencies oversee paid advertising campaigns across platforms like Google Ads and LinkedIn to drive targeted traffic and conversions. 
  • SEO services – that use digital techniques to improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and enhance online visibility. 
  • Website creation – which offers user-friendly and responsive websites that are optimised for conversion and user experience. 
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How do I know if my business needs a digital marketing agency? 

Ultimately, there are countless reasons to choose to partner with a digital marketing agency, but we’ve outlined some of the most common reasons below (take a look at our full blog here to learn more).  

Reason #1: I don’t have the budget to hire an in-house team 

We’ve already discussed just how expensive it can be to hire an in-house marketing department – a cost that many startups and scale-ups simply can’t afford to prioritise. 

But, if you can’t afford a marketing department, how can you grow your audience and your business?  

This predicament is the perfect reason to take advantage of digital marketing agencies. These agencies can provide the services you need for a fraction of the cost, all on flexible terms that work for you.  

Reason #2: I’m struggling to get my projects over the line  

Without a dedicated marketing strategy, the tools needed to action it, and the resources to implement it, it can often be difficult to create quality marketing content that’s aligned with your business goals. Your activity may become siloed, misaligned, or lack the quality needed to get your audience and stakeholders engaged. 

A digital marketing agency can help alleviate this pressure. An outsourced team can take full responsibility for deploying a marketing strategy that supports wider business development, without detracting valuable time and resources.   

Reason #3: We are rolling out marketing activity, but we’re not seeing any results 

No matter the channel or strategy, when you don’t see the results you expected, it can be tempting to abandon all hope and quickly change tactics. If you’re regularly releasing new content, promoting it on social media and more – all to no avail – then it’s time to reevaluate your marketing strategy.  

Outsourced digital marketing agencies flourish in situations like this. At EV, we have a tried-and-tested model for evaluating your current marketing activity and identifying the best strategic route forward.  

Our involvement doesn’t stop with a new strategy. We also provide a wide range of retainers to help you manage all marketing activities, implement your bespoke strategy, and monitor performance for continual optimisation.  

Reason #4: I’m stuck and need new ideas 

Repeating the same tactics without using the data to adapt or find new ways to engage your audience could lead to inauthentic content or a stagnant social feed.  

Partnering with an agency can help bring a fresh outlook.  

Digital marketing agencies can provide a fresh perspective, identifying new opportunities, issues that haven’t been flagged, or entirely new revenue streams that haven’t been tapped.  

All this can be done while ensuring that your marketing efforts put the audience first with a genuine, authentic feel. 


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How do I choose the right digital marketing agency for me? 

Whether your marketing goals are precise and niche (such as increasing influencer marketing ROI) or demand a wider, holistic approach (like increasing overall site visits and brand recognition), there’s a digital marketing agency for you.  

To make sure that you choose the right digital marketing agency, start by taking a wider look at your marketing goals. These goals will determine the level, and scope, of marketing support you need.  

Do you need a new strategy to keep up with competitive markets? Do you want to increase conversions? Are you looking for increased industry recognition? 

Defining these goals can be the most helpful step you can take when choosing the right digital marketing agency for you. Whether you want to grow your brand, increase engagement or gain leads, find an agency that specialises in this approach. 

Read our full step-by-step guide to choosing the right digital marketing agency. 


How long should I partner with a digital marketing agency? 

The most effective and sustainable partnerships with digital marketing agencies are those that are long-term. For the best results possible, aim to commit to a partnership for at least six months to a year.  

But why?  

This timeframe allows the agency to fully understand your brand, audience, and objectives, and to fine-tune their approach based on real-time data and feedback. However, the ideal duration may vary based on the specific needs and dynamics of your business.  

Regular performance evaluations and discussions with your agency can help determine whether to continue with your plan or adjust activity based on changing priorities. Having this open communication ensures that your marketing efforts remain effective and impactful over the long term.  

Once marketing activity begins rolling out, a longer timeframe also allows for efforts to be tested and continually optimised to maximise your ROI.  

“At EV, getting that deep understanding of our client’s brands, audiences, and objectives is crucial. It’s what enables us to fine-tune our approach, and make sure that our marketing efforts not only achieve but exceed expectations.”

– Aby Sullivan, Managing Director 

What are the different approaches to working with a digital marketing agency? 

There are several approaches to working with a digital marketing agency, each offering unique benefits and considerations. And yes, you guessed it, the approach you might want to take all depends on your specific situation and goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.  

Outsourced packages 

A fully outsourced model is a great option if you’re looking for a hands-off approach and peace of mind. It involves delegating all marketing tasks and responsibilities to your chosen agency, allowing them to handle everything from strategy development to execution and performance review.  

This level of autonomy is why it’s so important to choose a marketing agency that you can trust and that you can collaborate closely with.  

That being said, any good agency should communicate with you constantly, seek your insight and approval, and listen to your needs, even if they’re managing all the activity.

Hybrid collaboration 

Want to retain some marketing functions in-house? A hybrid approach might be the answer. 

This approach involves collaborating with the agency on some specific projects or tasks – such as spearheading your new site development or PPC activity – while you retain other marketing functions in-house.  

One of the main benefits that this approach offers is the flexibility that it provides. You get to draw from the expertise and resources of both teams, giving you double the fuel to reach your marketing goals. 

Learn more in our in-depth guide to taking on a hybrid approach. 

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At EV, we understand that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to marketing, which is why we always build the technology marketing package that’s right for you.  

Offering a wide range of the most popular digital marketing services, working with EV means that you’ll have a dedicated team of individuals who communicate regularly, are more responsive than any other agency, and feel like your in-house team.  

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